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How to style C-O-Z-Y

Since the temps seem to remain cooler and aren't warming up as quickly as we all hoped; all I want to do is lounge in my coziest sweater and never leave the couch. All in favor, raise your hand?! Tis the season to cozy up by the bonfire and stay snuggly warm. With this being said, that means our clothing choices are cozy and more versatile for cool mornings & warmer days. But, one may ask, how does one stay warm but also chic? Here is the perfect look to never leave your cozy sweater at home, ever again!


This look I am wearing is so easy to put together and will keep you warmer than warm! First, you have to get this super affordable, super cozy, sweater from @Target. When I was browsing through Target the other day, I came upon this sweater and had to have it. The touch of this sweater sold me before I even got a full glimpse at the cuteness of the sweater. It is so soft, I feel like I'm petting a fuzzy bunny. Either way, this sweater would be cute paired with your favorite skinny jeans, faux leather leggings for date night or with this fun pleated plaid skirt.

The past couple of seasons, plaid has been an epidemic. Every where I look, I see plaid. Not that I am complaining, I love a good plaid, but it's been a little over kill this year, until I found this midi-skirt. I just fell in love with the subtle tones of grey, green and pink. Its the perfect skirt to wear to several occasions. Dress up this skirt with a body suit and a pair of pumps for an elegant evening, or with a fuzzy sweater and your fave booties for the perfect in-between spring temps look. I paired this sweater with this skirt to make a chic but cozy ensemble. This would also be a great skirt for all the special occasions that are looming. It's comfortable and can be easily paired with several different looks to work for all occasions.