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Hiya Guys!

It's been a while...hasn't it? I took a little hiatus for a short time since I had so many moving particals happening in my life at that time and the blog just became more of a chore than something I wanted to do...however, things have slowed down (somewhat) and I've missed you guys! So no more long breaks going forward, I've got lots of good stuff coming your way! ...So lets get to it!

What better way to get back into by starting with a recap of our amazing trip to Mexico!

So long story short, Chris and I had planned a trip for January back in September but things happened and we didn't think we were going to be able to take a vacation in January....but then things fell into place and we were able to take a week off! With that said, we only had 1 week to plan a whole trip so we went back and forth whether we wanted to do something European or if we wanted to sit on a beach for 7 days.... as you can probably tell, we chose the beach!

We found an amazing deal for an All-Inclusive resort in Riveira Maya called Barcelo Maya Beach. It was PERFECT! The resort, the beach, the weather, just everything...I can't sing enough praises of how perfect our trip was. For such a last minute trip, we didn't have much time to do research on where we were going or what we wanted to do while we were there. Because our lives have been sooo busy with very little time to relax just the two of us, we decided we didn't want to do much while we were there. We've done lots of fun excursions during our past vacations, so this time we kinda wanted to just sit around and enjoy the sunshine on our skin. We woke up every morning early enough to watch the sunrise and stayed up well into the next morning. We spent our days laying on the beach and swimming. And spent our evenings going from bar to bar or restaurant to restaurant trying all kinds of new foods. They had so many options, we didn't even get to try them all! One of the nights we were there, we went bus surfing! Funniest story - the resort was so large, they had these double Decker buses to transport you from hotel to hotel, so Chris and I hopped on one night and it was just the two of us on the whole thing. So what does one do when on a huge bus? Bus surf haha.

Enough about the trip...lets get to the good stuff..the looks! Our first night there we went to a restaurant called Mexican Lindo, which they offered a three course Mexican meal. So naturally I wanted to wear something extremely colorful and light weight to keep me cool in the warmer temperatures. I absolutely loved this dress, I didn't want to take it off. It was perfect for a nice dinner out but it would also be nice to wear to a spring-time wedding. The wrap is absolutely flattering on all shapes and sizes. It gives an elongated neckline making it very feminine. I paired the dress with chambray wedges which worked out perfectly since we did a lot of walking around that evening.

The next look was a bit more casual. It was perfect for watching the sunrise on our last morning together in Mexico. This little romper is perfect to wear with a little cardigan, sandals and be ready to do some beach walking or out to lunch with your girlfriends or easy to put over your bathing suit. It's the perfect beach weather ensemble.

So there you have it, a few photos to make us all drool over the beautiful essence of Mexico and a few new vacation ready looks!

Talk to you all soon!



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