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Spring Event Tips

Happy May everyone! I woke up this morning and thought with all that rain, snow and colder temps last month, we are surely going to get some pretty flowers this month…right?! Well, it’s raining cats and dogs today, so maybe tomorrow? Haha always a bit of wishful thinking for the weather in upstate NY.

Regardless of what’s happening outside my window right now, I know the month of May (through July) is jam-packed with lots of events. Most of my evenings and all of my weekends have already been accounted for and when I was looking at my calendar, I had a moment of freak-out. You know that moment you realize all of your “free-time” is booked up and all you want to do is draw a warm bubble bath and drown out all the noise? Yeah, well since that’s not going to happen for a little bit of time, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to keep our minds at ease during one the busiest seasons of the year!

​First - get a planner! You can find cheap calendars @walmart, @target or any other place that have paper supplies. I bought a planner at the very beginning of the year and I have to admit, this helps relieve 40% of my stress. I am definitely one of those people that have to write it down and look at it in order for me to take a step back and breath. Having all my events and RSVP dates written down, I know exactly what to plan for at the beginning of the week. ​

Second – make an excel sheet with your day-to-day stuff. This may sound like I am repeating myself but trust me…if you can see what you have going on minute by minute during the day, it helps. I use my planner (1st tip) to plan out monthly what I have going on, and then in Excel I make a time table of every hour for everyday of the week. I do this on Monday mornings for the entire week. This may sound scary, but this way I can plan out accordingly what I have going on. I can schedule time to go for a run, eat dinner with Chris, walk the dog and not get overwhelmed if I have a meeting I need to attend at the end of the day or a doctor’s appointment, you get my point. I can move my schedule around by the hour to accommodate everything I’d like to get done.

​Third – Plan your outfits out in advance. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the easiest of tasks to accomplish, but if you have several events you are going to and want to make sure you don’t outfit repeat, then plan out what you want to wear in advance so you don’t get confused. Or let’s say you do plan to rewear something you’ve already worn to an event, if you plan it out in advance, you can style it differently so no one realizes you’re wearing the same thing.

Fourth – Set reminders in your phone. Let’s say you have three events happening back-to-back in one day. If you set a reminder in your phone at a certain time to go off, it will alleviate you from constantly checking the time. When you place a reminder in your phone, it will go off and tell you “hey, it’s time to leave”. Just a simple alarm so you can enjoy the time you have at the event without the stress of time management.

​Fifth (and final tip) – always have a supply kit of things you may or may not need in your car (or purse if you aren’t driving). Keep things like a bottle of water, an energy bar, make up for touch ups, lint roller, and whatever else you think you may need during a long day of constant running around. This will help keep your nerves down if you don’t know exactly what Is going to offered at each event.

​And since this is a fashion blog, I thought I’d share with you one of my ultimate favorite fashion tips for this season… pattern mixing! I did a whole blog post last week (read it here) on how to pattern mix and feel confident, but I am telling you; this season, really push the envelope! It’s so much fun to see how people react to an outfit they wouldn’t normally wear. You gain so much confidence when you go outside the box and get a compliment!

​ Xo, Sarah

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