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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Nothing says spring quite like lemons. Am I right? Personally, I am completely obsessed with lemons, not just for the brilliant flavor it creates, but for so many more reasons. The color, the smell and most importantly how adorable it is on clothes!! For a long time now, I have been on the hunt for the cutest lemon print pieces, and over the years I’ve accumulated some really fun pieces, but nothing quite takes the cake like this skirt! I mean, does it not scream spring to you?

When I saw this skirt (while Amazon shopping) I knew I had to have it. The bright colors instantly drew me to click on it and then the lemon print truly sold me. Originally, I was so concerned about buying this skirt because I didn’t know how to style it. The midi-length is a toughy for petite ladies like me, but I just couldn’t live without it. So, when it finally arrived in the mail, I tried it on and thought to myself, I think this piece would be perfect to do a little pattern mixing. And since pattern mixing is no easy task, I figured I’d give a couple tips I’ve learned over the years about pattern clashing… so here ya go!

Going to be completely honest with you guys… Every single time I wear two or more prints or do several bold colors in one ensemble, Chris looks at me as if I have a floating head. And since he does this Every. Time. I thought if my S/O does this (after all these years later) then many other S/O’s must be doing this too. So, I’ve compiled a few tips that will help you feel confident when you are pattern mixing and not get the alien look from your honey (haha).

Something I read years ago that stuck with me; always try to do one small print with a large, bold print. So here for example, my “small print” is the subtle green and white stripes and my “large print” is the bright and bold lemon print. This way the prints don’t over power one another and you can see both prints equally.

Another tip; try to find one color, whatever color you want, to match. When I am matching colors, I look for a color in the “large print” that is a bit more subtle. So, again for example, I took the green from the leaves of the skirt and found a similar green stripe top. This way the green doesn’t over power the yellow but also ensures all the colors of the “large print” are being seen. Since the yellow from the lemon print is the first thing that draws your eyes in, I thought the green would be a compliment without making your eyes sting.

When you plan to mix patterns, try to keep the number of different prints under three. This way you don’t look like you accidentally put all those pieces together. Keeping it to a minimum really drives the “intentional” factor. Also, it keeps the look feeling very polished.

Last but most certainly not least tip I have for you is; keep the accessories simple! When you have a bold ensemble with more than one print happening, you don’t want it to become too overwhelming so try to stick with pieces that will balance the look. For example, I stuck with a simple nude pump and white floral earrings. Neither of these accessories are too in your face but adds a little dimension to the look.

I hope this helps for any of you whom have been struggling with the pattern mixing trend! Have a marvelous day, friends!



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