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The perfect Chambray Easter Dress

This time of the year is always so inspiring to me. The weather begins to change, and people start emerging and life just seems to blossom. Earlier this week, Chris and I were just casually discussing how we think this time of year always brings out the best in people. It’s almost like the “New Year” of the year, where you really start to see so much greatness happens all around us.

​One of the things I love most about this time of year, is the new trends that emerge. Although this is the time where most people start to branch out and try something new, I however love to revisit some of my tried-and-true favorites. One of my favorites will always be chambray. Chambray is just the perfect classic piece that you can always whip out when you are in a fashion slump. Its super easy to dress up or down, depending on the occasion.

I dressed up this adorable chambray wrap dress for Easter. It’s a lighter blue chambray so it will fit in with all the beautiful pastels and florals that happen on Easter and isn’t a huge fashion-statement so it will be subtle enough to wear in church. When I saw this dress, my first thought was Easter. I love to wear something that is easy to wear all day, from morning to evening. Easter is a holiday where we visit lots of family and eat lots of delicious food, so wearing something comfortable is key. And this dress definitely gives lots of room to over indulge and enjoy the holiday without fussing too much.

I paired the dress with a simple chambray and white striped pump, since the trend is monochromatic, I thought it would be cute to carry over into the holiday. They aren’t too high so I can walk around in them for most of the day and aren’t overly the top. Since the dress is primarily solid, I thought the stripes would add a nice pop of something different.

Since this look is somewhat more on the subtle side, I thought adding lots of color in a necklace would make it stand out just a bit more. The bright pink, green and navy really accent this outfit beautifully. The navy pulls the blue from the look and the pink and green add a pop of spring to the look.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with lots of treats from the Easter Bunny!



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