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April Showers, bring May Flowers

Sweet, sweet spring time has begun and I can’t get enough of it! This weekend was really the first weekend that we got to enjoy being outside without freezing. The temps were in the 50’s and 60’s and let me tell you, it was magical! All of our neighbors were outside, cleaning up the yard or walking their dogs or just enjoying the sunshine. We got in a few good conversations with several of our neighbors, that we haven’t seen much of since we all were too cold to be outside.

We spent most of the weekend cleaning up the aftermath of the tree falling in the front and I worked on enlarging my garden in the back. If you’ve been following along on my Insta-story then you probably already know, I’ve been busy growing seeds to plant, once the weather breaks for good.

April is the month wear we see a lot of rain in Rochester and the temps are still fighting to get warmer, so this top was surely a must have. When I saw the adorable embroidered umbrella with rain drops in the corner of the tee, I had to have it! And it fits in perfectly with one of the major trends this season; graphic tees. You’ll be seeing a lot more of t-shirts like this one with something simple imaged in the corner or something really loud with a lot of print or a grungy style tee with a 90’s band plastered across the front.

The main reason I chose this tee (not just because its charming) it fits in perfectly with the season. The light blue tee with the subtle pop of yellow really embodies this season; somewhat dull with all the rain but enchanting with the little pops of sunshine we get here and there! And nothing says spring much like a perfectly bright skirt. This skirt was made for this t-shirt. The yellows play nicely off each other without being too much.

With the pairing of the striped pumps and quiet accessories, this is definitely a look you could wear to work. Slip on a blazer or pastel color cardigan and you are golden! Or slip on a denim jacket and a pair of slides to wear on date night. Either way, this look definitely yells spring! I hope you all are enjoying your spring thus far and may the sun stay shining bright for you today!



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