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Work-Wear-Wednesday: Spring Trends

Spring has sprung and so has the spring trends! I am currently ogling over all the bright colors and pretty floral prints that I keep seeing pop up everywhere. I knew this season would bring a lot of newness, not just in the terms of its spring and everything’s coming back to life, but because of all the trends I’ve seen in fashion magazines for the last few months are actually coming to life! I’ve been eager to see what trends will stick and watch how people translate what we’ve seen on the runways, turn into everyday wear.

When it comes to everyday wear, I instantly think work wear. Since we do spend most of our days at work, I tend to lean towards translating fashion into something that’s office appropriate. And with all the exciting new trends this season has to offer, I found myself struggling to interpret the trends into work wear.

One of the easiest ways I found myself decoding the trends of the season into my work-wear wardrobe is buying things I love and clashing them appropriately, so they make sense. What I mean by that is taking items that I wouldn’t normally wear to the office and make it office appropriate. For instance, in leu of wearing a blazer, I wore this adorably colorful trench coat over my shoulders. Now you may be thinking, I’ll never wear a trench coat as a blazer, problem solved; wear the jacket over your shoulders, making it more of an accessory than a jacket.

Another way to make your office-wear trend worthy; mix and match colors and prints for a fun ode to the ever-changing styles. For example, one of the hottest fashions happening right now is monochromatic looks, so I took this adorable pink trench coat and paired it with my favorite-ever blush pink trousers. These are definitely one of my go-to’s when it comes to pants for work. The length is perfect and the color isn’t too much ‘in-your-face’. Right there, I easily tied in two trends of the season and made them work appropriate.

To tie the whole look together, I wore one of the sweetest button-up blouses to keep the look feeling fresh. And paired it with one of my favorite pairs of spring floral heels. The pumps aren’t too high and perfect to wear to a meeting. While keeping the top rather “corporate”, if you will.

All in all, work-wear doesn’t have to be boring. Try adding a little color to your work wardrobe and add a few pieces here and there to keep your outfits feeling trendy, refreshing and hip.

Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine!



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