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Spring Trend Alert: Sweaters

​​Happy First day of Spring!! The sun is shining, and the air is starting to warm up, I hear the birds chirping as I get ready in the mornings and am just excited to (hopefully) start shedding some layers! I always get overly amped up for spring, probably because our colder months tend to last longer than our warmer months, might be a slight exaggeration, but I have to be honest, it most certainly feels like it. But typically, around the second or third week of March, I am all in for spring! I’ve already started my seedlings indoor for my garden (if you’ve been following along in my insta-stories, you’ve probably seen the updates I’ve been posting) and my closet is subtly becoming brighter! Which leads me to today’s post!

Rochester’s spring doesn’t really hit until about late April, early May and then lasts about a week until it gets blustering hot (not complaining here) so that means lots of bright colors and thicker pieces so I can shed some layers. I’m sure many of you experience the same thing, but for me, one of my Go-To’s during the spring months are bright colored sweaters and ankle pants. This way I can let a little skin start to show and not be freezing my toosh off. I tend to over anticipate it being much warmer outside than it actually is, so keeping thick layers around during these months is Must-Need. Since, I know myself way to well, I’ll try to leave the house not wearing a coat and end up stealing Chris’! Ha.

So, when I was browsing online for a few pieces to update my spring wardrobe, I stumbled upon this gorgeous colored sweater and knew I had to have it! The bright lilac color is one of the BIG trends for spring this year, you are going to want to start stock piling anything you can find in this color. As I’m sure most of you have noticed, I already started my stock-pile! Not only is this color my absolute favorite, but it also works so well with every skin tone. Since it is the beginning of spring, most of us haven’t felt the sunshine on our bare skin in some time, so this pastel shade isn’t going to wash you out, it’ll bring out the rosy tones in your skin.

Another bit about trends this spring is oversized everything! Now, this trend I can definitely get on board with! I’ve always had a tendency to buy stuff a little oversized, I just find it to be more comfortable and gives a nice relaxed feel. So, this sweater and these culottes jeans were instantly added to my cart! I love how the sweater is baggy but not in a sloppy way with the way it drapes over the cuffs and is slightly cropped in the front. And how the jeans give a nice comfortable feel to the look.

And since it is spring, I had to add something floral somewhere in this outfit, and what better way to do that then with my shoes?! The pointed toe, thin heel pump gives the illusion of a longer leg, making them the perfect addition to this ensemble. They dress up the look just the slightest, not giving away too much from the relaxed feel but keeping it chic.

I hope you all are out enjoying the sunshine and having a wonderful first start of the spring solstice!



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