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Top Trends from NYFW 2019

Now that fashion week in NYC is officially over and all the wonderful trends are appearing on all the fashion-tabloids, I thought it would be fun to share with you my most favored and least favored trends to look for Fall 2019. What are you loving / hating?


- Ruffles: I love a good ruffle, whether it's an entire skirt made up of ruffles or subtle touches of ruffles, I'm in love. This fall, make sure to stock up on all things ruffle cause you will be seeing a lot of it. I know most of you are probably rolling your eyes, cringing at the thought of this, but trust me, these designers know what they are doing. It's not going to be the tacky ruffles that you saw in your parents wedding photos that their guests wore in the 80's, it'll be pretty stylist.

- Feathers: Feathers have been a trend for a while now, but this fall its going to get a whole lot more. Add feathers to pretty much anything and make them super dramatic, that's the feather trend for this year and I"m not mad about it. I love adding character to any look and these feathers defiantly will do that.

- Purple: Yes! I am always here for purple and this fall purple is going to be the name of the game. Which I find to be slightly weird since Pantone® didn't nominate Purple to being the color of the season, but that's alright. You will be seeing purple in all sorts of fun ways, satin, velvet, feathers, purses, shoes, pretty anything.

- Colorful Mary Janes: I'm on the fence with this trend. I think its one of those, I kind of like it cause I keep seeing it, but in all reality, 10 years from now I will be saying to myself "What was I thinking?". The colors are brilliant and fun to see, but the Mary-Jane is a tough shoe for a lot of body shapes. It can make you look bigger or wider depending on how you style it and what the width of the heel is , but needless to say, I still have it in the love-list cause it is a fun trend and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Street-Stylists will wear them.

- Deconstructed Suiting: LOVE THIS TREND! I've loved the suiting trend for a long time now and seeing it more relaxed is making me fall in love all over again. It'll be fun to see how the suiting trend transitions from Spring/summer to Fall/winter. We've been seeing a little bit of it now, but its all in very strict lines or warmer colors, it'll be interesting to watch as the seasons unveil and the looks change up a bit.

- Bold Monochromatic: Such a fun trend! I love color, as you can tell by my entire website, and when I saw this trend hitting more than one runway, I got overly giddy. Everyone loves a good monochromatic look, but now adding color makes this trend even better!

- Animal Print: This is another trend that I am on the fence about. I just recently started warming up to animal prints and now this fall we are going to be seeing head-to-toe animal prints which could either be done one of two ways, over kill, like burn my eyes bad or really classy with subtle prints that are different all over.


- Patchwork: I'm on the fence of loving and hating this trend. Some brands did a really good job of making this trend look classy and chic, while others made me want to look away. Its on the Hating-List just cause this is a trend that will be hard for a lot of people to find a good way of styling it cause its such a busy trend as it is.

- Fleece: This should be a trend that is left up to Patagonia. The trend where you only see it when you visit your friends at home and they are relaxing on the couch after shoveling out the driveway. I don't want to see fleece evening gowns or blazers covered in fleece.

- Evening Puffers: As much as I love my puffer-down jacket cause it keeps me nice and warm during the winter months, I don't want to see puffers become the new "business casual" aesthetic. It just isn't classy. Maybe it's just my stereo-type mindset, but I'm not feeling this trend.

- Pockets / Cargo: Uhm, what? I think that's all I should have to say about this trend, ha. Don't get me wrong I have a pair of cargo pants in my closet for when I'm outside doing yard work and don't want to get my nice clothes dirty, but really, cargo, on the runway? I think not.

- Tie-Dye: Noooo not this again? I hated tie-dye back in the 90's and I hate it even more now! If you are older than 14, then I don't think tie-dye should be in your fashion query.

- Quilting: This just confuses me. Why would you wear a quilted evening gown? It looks like you grabbed your comforter off your bed and walked out the door. Just not the best.

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