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Happy Galentine's Day!

Girlfriends are like bra's, close to the heart and hold you up! And thats what this post is all about! Reminding us all to remember our besties on the most Romantic holiday of the year.  Valentine's day isn't just about remembering your S/O, but also remembering the people that show you love and support all year long!  So, I decided to throw a fun-little Galentine's for my best gal-pals! We  all wore our best V-dayesc look , drank a special pink drink and ate lots of yummy snacks, all while gossiping about anything and everything! 

Since Galentine's is basically an extension of Valentine's day, just for your besties, then is it a cliche to wear pink and red? I think not! I mean, I will admit, about 75% of my closet is filed with pink and/or red making it extremely difficult for me to find an outfit without being a cliche, but hey, why not, right?!  The Galentine's theme was all about our ladies, so why not make the whole theme all about pinks and reds!! 

And these looks speak right to theme!  I love how each of these looks are all different shades of red and pink but also, all speak to each of our personalities!  Emma (the tall brunette) is more colorful and lively making this look so perfect for her! The graphic tee adorning all the flavors of wine with this midi-skirt couldn't be more perfect for her!  Since she is a bit taller, the midi-length asymmetrical skirt is excellent for her.  It elongates her legs even more and adds a bit of edge to the entire look. Not to mention the pattern is just too fun! Paired with the black boots, makes this look a slam-dunk. It takes that "edgy" vibe to the next level. 

Emily (the other brunette) has a more sophisticated yet bubbly personality making the jumpsuit and jacket a splendid representation of her! The jumpsuit extenuates her curves and makes the look sophisticated yet playful.  And the furry moto jacket adds just a bit spazz to dress the whole look up even more! 

As far as me goes, my look is a true representation of who I am! Bright and outgoing!  The brighter the color, the better it is!  I love mixing gem tones with other gem tones. It makes any look feel more upscale and just fun!  Life can't be taken too seriously, making this look perfect for a girl's night or even the office.  

My first thought when it came to Galentine's was Sweets! Lots and lots of sweets.  You can't have a girl's night, regardless of the day, without loads of sugar and carbs, it just wouldn't be a girls night!  So, I made a couple of my favorite baked doughnuts, cookies&cream mini trifles, wine glass shaped sugar cookies and popcorn boxes with peanut-butter M&M's.  Sounds divine right?!  Our menu hit a little bit of everyones taste-buds.  Some like salty-sweet, some like super sweet and some just like savory. So this menu kind of hits it all! And makes it super fun since it was different shades of pink and red making it that much more special! 

Anyways, regardless of what you ate, drank or wore, Galentine's is all about remembering your best gal-pals! The ones that show you all the love and support all year long!

I hope you all are enjoying your Galentine's Day!



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