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Mules for Winter

As January progresses and the we keep getting dumped on with snow, I thought I'd share with you one of the trends I am currently obsessed with...Mules! They were huge last spring/summer, taking a little break in the fall and now I am finding some of the cutest mules with faux fur, velvet and much, much more.

Typically, we stray away from anything that doesn't allow us to put on our biggest, fluffiest, chunkiest socks during the months of November through March, but I am telling you these mules are sure to keep your toes just as cozy as your favorite ever boots. Okay, well-maybe not AS cozy as boots cause lets be honest, boots are the best thing invented since sliced bread! But we aren't talking about boots here, we are talking about the Mule.

In case you were wondering what a mule is; the definition of a mule is a style of shoe that does not have any constraint around the foots heel. They date back to the Ancient Rome era and were considered a slipper during the 16th century. Fear not, these mules were meant to be seen, do not mistake them as slippers!

Anyways, moving right along; how to wear a mule in the winter, one may ask? The best thing about Mules is how versatile they can be! I've literally worn my mules with skirts, dresses, slacks, cropped pants, jeans and the list can go on. Though, a fun way to style them for winter could be pairing a sleek black or brown patent leather mule with your favorite-ever skinny jeans, a moto-jacket, baker-boy hat and a smoky eye and you've got yourself the perfect Date-Night look. Or mix it up to be more innocent and pair a heeled mule with a pencil skirt, collared button up and cozy sweater for the perfect office look. Or get even crazier and wear it with a lace midi-dress for V-Day! (PS. did you see the super cute pair that are perfect for V-Day I posted on Insta today?)

All of these options above are a few of my favorites! If I wanted to keep you guys here all day and night, the list would never end. But to save you, I composited a few of the best (in my opinion) that can be worn while transitioning your winter wardrobe into your spring wardrobe, and then again next fall!

Hope you all are having a fabulous day!



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