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Accessorizing for 2019

As most of you know or have noticed, I am an accessory queen! No outfit is complete without accessories! I've been like this since I was a child, I never leave the house without a few of my favorites. I typically build my ensembles from the accessories. You are probably thinking that is the complete opposite of how most people dress! Well, yes, this is true but old habits die hard haha.

Anyways, as we are evolving into the new year and looking ahead at all the exciting things coming our way, I can't help but get overly giddy about the accessory trends that will begin emerging within the next few weeks / months. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, I want to mention to you one of my absolute FAVORITE accessory secrets...ROCKSBOX! I know i've mentioned them a time or two before on here, but I cannot tell you enough amazing things about this company! Every time I send a box back, I get three brand new accessories sent to me a few days later! Its like Christmas morning every time I see a box sitting on my front step! Right now I am offering a super special, super exclusive promotion for you, my lovely followers.. if you go to the website and take your style quiz, at the end, apply CLASSYNSASSYSTYLINGXOXO to your order and you will get your first month completely FREE! So you can try out the jewelry phenomenon before spending a dime! What's the harm in trying it? Visit here to get the exclusive promotion: All the accessories you see above, you can receive in your Rocksbox, all you have to do is signup and then visit the "shop" section and add the suggested items to your wishlist. Easy-peasy!

On that note, lets talk about the hottest trends that I'm most eager for this spring. First, the overly dramatized jewelry was scene every where on the runway! I love a good chunky necklace or extravagant earrings. There is something to be said about taking a very simplistic outfit to something very elegant by the use of a piece of jewelry. A chunky necklace or statement earring can turn a T-shirt and Jeans look into something that you would see in the fashion magazines. Or how to change a look you wore to work to something fantastic for going out with your best gal-pals, by simply adding a piece of jewelry.

The next trend that is fueling my addiction to shoes is purple heels! You read that right, purple shoes! They were huge during the fashion shows for spring 2019 and I am eager to strut lilac colored heels all spring long! Purple is my favorite color, so when I kept seeing it appear on the feet of several models during Fashion Week, you can imagine how gleeful I was!

And my last but more certainly not least most coveted accessory trend of 2019 is baker-boy hats! I just adore a good hat, but make it a baker-boy hat and call it a day! I've been wearing these hats since I could remember and always felt like the outcast, now I wont'! Ha. I think they look so chic with a classic trench coat or easy going-out look. They definitely add a little spice to every look!

I hope you all are enjoying your week and hope this helps plan your accessory buying for the next year!



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