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Paris, France Part III

When we were planning for our trip, we deiced to go in November for a few reasons. One, we originally planned this trip to be in April of 2019, but then realized how much travel we already have set up for 2019, so we decided against going in 2019. Two, by the time we both agreed on just taking the plunge to go to France, it was already late August. Three, we thought it would be less-touristy time to go. And four, I love Christmas and was hoping to see the city decked out for the special holiday. So, that brings me to my uniform while we were touring around the city of love.

Since Paris is such a high-fluent fashion capital, I was so nervous about everything I ordered or bought for our trip.. Nothing felt "good-enough" to me. For so many years, dreaming of visiting the city, I didn't think I would have to be buying clothes in layers for our trip so it made it slightly difficult for me to think of ideas that would be comfortable, easy to get around in, keep me warm and be fashionable. Thats a lot to think about when deciding on an outfit. I will admit, I went through a lot of returns before I finally came up with everything you will see in the photos below.

We knew the temps were going to be chillier than we originally planned on going in April, so the very first thing I started hunting for were wool coats for both Chris and myself. Luckily, the coats were by the far the easiest thing we found on our list. Since we were going to be wearing our coats for a majority of the trip, we both wanted something slightly dressy but also comfortable. I found this plaid jacket the day after we booked our trip and couldn't stop thinking about it for about a week, so I ordered it online and when it arrived I loved it even more. I did have to take it to the tailor since the smallest size it came in was a small, but it was well worth it in my opinion. This coat kept me warm the entire trip. It made my looks feel a little more upscale with the "pea-coat" vibe and the subtle gray and white plaid matched pretty much everything I wore.

After I found our jackets, we both needed to update our shoe game. Naturally, I went straight for high-heels. Hey we were going to Paris, I needed to bring new fashionable shoes. Until, we both sat down and started to map out what our plans were for when we were there. We were planning on walking every where so we didn't miss anything, which is what we did do and trust me, if you go, you have to walk every where. We found new things everyday, even on a path we walked several times. Anyways, after we determined that we'd be walking a good 10 miles a day, I ordered these Neregize New Balance sneakers. They were so perfect! My feet barely hurt the entire time we were there. They felt like little pillows on my feet. One of the nights we went out, I switched it up and put on some of the heels I brought and by the end of the night, I couldn't wait to get back in my sneaks. Which I will admit, I am not one to wear sneakers without a fight, so the fact that I wanted them back, tells you how much I loved them.

Now that the "priorities" are out of the way, onto the fun stuff! The temperatures in Paris in late November were between the 30s and 40s with light rain which meant lots of pants and layers to shed if something got wet from the rain. At first, I ordered a bunch of dresses and skirts and said that I would wear tights with boots. Once the first batch of clothing arrived, i determined this wouldn't be the best idea. Although my Spanx tights do keep my legs pretty warm in the winter, I knew we'd be outside for most of the days and wouldn't be comfortable wearing boots and tights all day. So I sent all those things back and readjusted my outfit inspirations. I kept googling Parisian Style on Pintrest to see what everyone was wearing in Paris and I kept seeing jeans. Quick little note about me, jeans are not a normal base layer for me, its very random that you will see me in jeans, so at first I was against the idea of wearing jeans in a city full of fashion, until I came to the conclusion they would be the best option for me. I knew they would be easy to wear, comfortable for walking and would keep my legs warm.




With that being said, you will see a lot of sweaters and mix-and-match pieces that would work with all colors like dark denim, light denim, pink and black. I wanted to keep our travels lights since I wanted to bring back tons of souvenirs. But then, we didn't end up buying too many souvenirs while we were there because by the time we realized we wanted to get something, we were already onto the next adventure. Which is completely fine with us, since we have a ton of photos and lots of memories, we didn't need a ton of things to come back with. But back to the fashion, both Chris and myself ended up getting a bunch of pieces that could be interchangeable with other pieces making it easy to only bring a few pieces with us.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing our pictures from Paris. I'd love to hear your feedback!

I will be going back to my regular fashion and lifestyle blogs after this post so stay tuned, I have some exciting things to share with you in the next couple of weeks! Xo,