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Paris, France Part II

This post is a little more special than the last. This post is going to take you through what we did each day we were in Paris. When we were planning for this trip, we pretty much had everyday planned from the minute we woke to the minute we hit the bed. We wanted to make sure we didn't miss a thing, since I had been dreaming of this trip for so long and we never know when the next time we'll get an opportunity to come back.

With the intent of knowing what we were going to do, where we were going to eat and how we were going to get there; when we arrived, we deiced we would leave the itinerary in the hotel and just wing it. Besides, the spontaneity is more fun, right? So lets get started!

Day 1: I'm counting the day we arrived in Paris as Day 1 since who wants to hear about a red-eye flight? Not that exciting people, except my darling husband had us arrive to the AirPort 4 hours early and just basically sat there reading and watching planes come and go.

More about the beef of the trip: when we arrived in Paris, it was only 6:45am there time and Midnight in the states, neither of us slept on the plane so we were a little tired but too excited to waste the day away. So we got to the hotel, left our bags with the concierge and got to walking. We walked from our hotel to the Gallaries Lafeyette. After getting lost a few several times, we finally arrived to the mall around 10:00am and we were famished, so we grabbed some crescents and some espresso's from the cute little bakery across the way from the mall. There we tooled around the mall, went to every floor, all nine of them! And found the jackpot on the terrace... a birds eye view of the entire town, highlighting the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, and everything else in between. It was so beautiful but kind of foggy so it was hard to see. By around noon time we both noticed we were holding each-other up from exhaustion, so we decided to stop by a wine store and boulangerie for some bread and wine for dinner. We brought the bread and wine back to the hotel, checked in and enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal in the comfort of bed. With jet-lag hitting us pretty hard, we were both asleep by 4pm and awoke by midnight. It was a rough nights sleep haha.

​Day 2: We woke up late by mistake from a rough nights sleep and missed our hotel's breakfast. So we got ready as fast we could and jetted out the door. We first stopped for breakfast and then kept on our way. We had no intention of doing anything in particular this day, we just wanted to see everything! My little map reader took us to see the Arc de Triomphe first which was absolutely breath taking. I know this is going to sound obvious, but the Arc was truly much bigger than I expected. As we can all see its pretty large in pictures, but when we arrived and I was standing in front of it, it was then I realized how truly gigantic this monument was! From there, we continued on our way to find the Eiffel tower. I remember we kept looking up saying "oh we'll be able to see it here" and then not seeing, until finally, we turned the corner and there it was! The feeling I got is indescribable. It was exactly like the moment when they opened the church doors and I saw Chris standing at the end of the aisle on our wedding day. I can't explain the feeling, but I can remember as if it just happened. Pure bliss.

Carrying on; little did we know, the tunnel we had to cross over to get to the Seine was the tunnel Princess Diana was killed in, so we took a few moments to examine the tunnel and see all the notes people left for her. From there, we crossed the Seine and walked right up the Tower, as close as we could get. It was such an amazing moment to finally be seeing the Eiffel Tower in person.The one thing I've always dreamt of seeing, I was there in person. After a long while of viewing the tower, we continued on to find the original Statue of Liberty. To my surprise, the statue was a lot smaller than I had imagined. I've seen the one in NYC, but not up close and personal, but I could remember the magnitude of that statue, that this one took me by utter surprise how small it was. From the Statue of Liberty, we crossed the Seine again, and walked all the way back down to the tunnel where Princess Diana got in her accident. We stopped for a nice light lunch and coffee. On our trip home, we stopped in the Yves Saint Laurent museum to see the inspiration behind the brand. That was a sight to see! They let us through all these rooms where Yves drawings, designs and sketches were out for display. And we got to tour his original studio, which was amazing for this Fashion Major to have seen! It was magical! From the museum, we decided we'd take a trip back to the Arc to see it at night before we turned in. On our walk home, we were both pretty hungry so we scoped out our dinner restaurant and stumbled upon the most amazing tapas restaurant. We were both so hungry that when the waiter took our plates ( we shared a couple of appetizers) he said to us with a surprised look on his face "wow, good job finishing it all!" HAHA. That still gets us laughing.