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THANK YOU on this special THANKSGIVING day

Happy Turkey Day my dear friends! I hope you all are gathered around the tv watching the Thanksgiving day parade, with aromas of scrumptious turkey baking (or frying) away, and the bustling noise of family and friends gathering around! This year, we decided to do something very untraditional per our usual Thanksgiving festivities and are galavanting around Paris as I send you this note!

Hurrying along, I don't want to tie-up too much of your time on this very busy, but fun-filled holiday. I wanted to send you all a heart-felt THANK YOU for following along with me during this exciting journey! You are the reason I get to do what I love doing, which is writing this blog! Capturing moments, planning outfits and decorating ideas have become my new twitch and without you I wouldn't be able to come on here and do what I do! So, on the day we are reminded to remember the things we are most thankful for, I want to THANK YOU for being here and supporting me!

I hope you all have a marvelous day and a wonderful holiday season!

Created a collage with a few of the posts that you liked the most!

With love,