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Gift Giving with Rocksbox

Jewelry is the essence of an outfit, as the lovely Anna Dello Russo puts it "Accessories are like vitamins to fashion". Whether you are headed to grab a cup of coffee with your friends, or a fancy gala, accessories define your look. They can either turn a basic look into something extraordinary or take something a little over the top to something very subdued.

Personally, I build my outfits based on my accessories. No joke, when I am shopping, I always start by looking for the most irresistible accessories and then build the look from that. For example, this week we leave for Paris and I wanted to find the most perfect outfit for when we travel to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. I searched high and low on several different inspirational sites, like Vogue, Pinterest, LiketoKnow.It and many more. I couldn't find anything that I was like "Yup that is the outfit" until, I received an email from Rocksbox telling me to curate my next box. And there it was, the piece that built my ensemble! The delicate hoop that is accented by the beautiful multi-color stones, was the reason why I chose the look that I did (coming soon so stay tuned!).

Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription that allows you to try out some of the hottest trending pieces of jewelry before you buy it. Each month they send you 3 pieces based off of your style quiz that they think you would enjoy. You then get as much time as you'd like to wear the pieces and see what you think of them. At the end of the month, if you love the pieces they sent you, you can use the $21 monthly subscription fee towards the purchase of the pieces. If you aren't over-the-moon for those pieces, bag 'em up, slide them back in the reusable package slip and send the items back. Within a week, they will send another 3 pieces for you to try out. If you are like me, then I like to try the pieces out for a couple weeks and then get new pieces, that way my jewelry game is always changing and staying current with the trends. I've been using Rocksbox for a couple months now and absolutely LOVE it! I wouldn't tell you this unless I truly meant it, and every-time I get a new box from Rocksbox, its like christmas morning for me!

And speaking of Christmas!!! This is the ultimate gift to give your best gal-pals, Aunt, Mom, Mom-in-law, sister, and the list could go on. You can sign them up to receive a fabulous monthly subscription that keeps on gifting. And best of all, use code classynsassystylingxoxo to get your first month free! You can sign up with multiple emails to send as many boxes as you'd like and get the first month free for every person you sign up or keep it for yourself and gift yourself the excitement of new jewelry every month!

Sharing with you some of my favorites that I've received from Rocksbox!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday festivities! And have a wonderful week!!




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