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Hairstyles for the Holidays

I must admit, hairstyling isn't one of my strong suits, however over the years I've come up with a few quick hairstyles that are easy to do and look awesome. Since the holiday season is always so busy planning every event, shopping for the perfect gift and hosting magical parties, we tend to forget about ourselves until the very last minute. If you are anything like me, I usually get myself together last, making sure everything else is perfect before I'm rushing upstairs to pull on my outfit , whip my hair into place and dab on some makeup. The three hair styles I've listed below with step-by-step instructions should help you during this bustling time! Happy Holidays!

1. Twists & Clip:

This is by far the fastest trick I have in my hair rolodex. This would be perfect for a more casual setting, or if you want to take it to the next level, then instead of straight locks, curl your hair and then do the steps below for a more elegant style. This style typically only takes me 7-10 minutes, that is including the time it takes to straighten my hair.


Begin by straightening all of your hair, making sure to not have any bumps or random curls throughout. Once your hair is straight, part you hair on the top of your head. Taking from the very front of your face, grab a small section of your hair and start twisting. As you continue to twist towards the back of your hair, add small clumps of hair into the twist. Once you are done on one half of your head, clip your strands with a bobby-pin. Repeat same method on other side, ensuring that the twists are even on both sides. Once done twisting, take both twists, twist and tuck your bobby-pins underneath your hair so you don't see the pins. Take a small glittery clip and lightly tuck it in the center of your head, between the twists. Adds a little sparkle to your holiday festivities!

2. The Flat-Iron Curl

Huh? You may be asking yourself, "What in the world, it's a straightener not a curling iron?" After several years of trying different curling irons and different ways of curling my hair, nothing would keep the curls stay in place for me until I found this trick with a flat iron. I use a 1" flat iron to create the most beautiful, bouncy curls that last all day and all night, even after a goodnights rest, the curls are pretty much still intact. (Flat-iron linked below)

This hairstyle is super easy to do and only takes me (with my extra thick locks) about 15 minutes in total to do. So if you are looking for an easy, sophisticated, upbeat look for your office holiday party, ugly sweater party, fancy gala, cookie decorating soirée or whatever else you may be doing this holiday season, this is going to be your new go-to!

Okay, let's get started. Separate your hair into three parts, top, middle and bottom. Clip the top and middle sections of your hair to the very top of your head. With the remainder of your hair, grab a small chunk of your hair, bring the hair straightener to the top of the hair and clamp. Begin twisting the straightener, and begin pulling with the straightener, keeping it twist so the hair curls. Release the clamp and quickly twist the curl. When finished with the bottom section of your hair, take the middle section out of the clip and continue. Then do the top.

As far as bangs go; if you have short, wispy bangs, style them the way you usually would. If you have medium length bangs, like I do, then save that section for last. From the very top of your head, where the roots are, straighten out all the frizzes or curled edges. From there, clamp from the very top with the straightener and start twisting as soon as you can wrap your hair around. Clamping down in a twist, pull straight through until the ends release. Lightly run your fingers through to loosen the curl up a bit and fling it towards the back of your head so it wraps into another curl.

3. Half-up Curls

This hairstyle is very polished. It would be perfect for a holiday gala, fancy office party, Christmas dinner, etc. This style takes me a little longer, 20-25 minutes, that includes curling my hair and adding the half-up part and clip.

Okay, following along the steps listed in #2, curl all of your hair, don't leave a strand behind ;) Once your hair is completely curled and set with hairspray, start by parting your hair with one side having more hair than the other. Grabbing the side with more hair, grab the top layer of your hair and sweep it towards the back of your head. By pushing your fingers through the middle section of your clump of hair, push up to give a little volume. Clip that section of your hair in the back. Grab the other section and do the same. Tuck you bobby-pins underneath your sections of hair to hide them. Lightly place a sparkly clip in the center of your bobby-pins to add a little festive cheer to your hair.

If you'd like to take this one step further; once your two sections meet in the back, twist both clumps of hair together to create a small twisted bun. Adhere the bun to your head with the use of bobby-pins. Above the bun, add your sparkly clip.

Hope these tips help during your busy holiday season!



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