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Cinnamon - Caramel - Heavenlinies

Okay, going to be very honest here for a minute... anyone else feel as though when the holiday's arrive, thats a perfect excuse to indulge? Well for me, I have a serious sweet tooth and since the holiday's are only here for so long, I let myself try any cookie or holiday delight that passes by me! And I found the perfect dessert that is sure to please everyone from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

A few weekends ago, I wanted to make a dessert that neither Chris or I tried before, so I went to the kitchen with inspiration from a recipe I found online and starting whipping up what has now become a house-hold favorite! (*the original recipe is linked here.) This recipe is the perfect, easy to make, recipe that is bound to be a crowd favorite. It's an easy one to bring to Thanksgiving dinner to cherish before or after the big meal, friends-giving, Christmas cookie exchange or whatever other event you are attending.

Okay, so start with all of your ingriendets out on the counter, so it'll be easy to grab and go. Once you are situated, start by placing a layer of aluminum foil over your baking dish. Make sure to do this because these cookies are not a clean-cut cookie, they are super messy! This will help you in the long run. Spray a good amount of cooking spray over the foil. Add a single layer of the graham crackers across your baking sheet. Use as many graham crackers as your sheet will cover (mine used 14 crackers but you can use just 12 or more, whatever works for you).

Once your crackers are laid out, grab your small sauce pan and begin melting your butter. Add in the brown sugar once your butter is pretty close to being completely melted. Once the sugar has dissolved completely and they are incorporated together, remove the pan from the heat. Add in the cinnamon and vanilla. Quickly spread the caramel across the graham crackers. Spread the caramel across all of the graham crackers nicely. Begin adding your toppings, starting with the marshmallows, then the coconut flakes, then the almond slices, and end with the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips.

Once you see the marshmallows begin to turn golden, remove from the oven and let cool for about 15 minutes. Once cooled, using a pizza cutter, slice your cookies. When you go to remove the cookies from the pan, use a spatula. It will be a very messy process. If the spatula isn't helping, just grab the cookies with clean hands. Now you can enjoy these cinnamon, caramely goodness!

If you end up making these, I'd love to see how they turned out and what you thought of them!

Xo, Sarah

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