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Leaf Peeping in NY

As the season gets deeper, and the temps keep falling, the more and more layering we see. While scrolling through Instagram one morning last week, I thought to myself, I see all of these lovely people wearing such adorable sweaters. Which at first made me want to wear my coziest sweater, but then I realized, I'm not much of a sweater person. I have the hardest time finding sweaters in a shape or color that I like. So, I set myself up for a task; to find sweaters that I love! I went outside of my comfort zone (typically, I gravitate towards skirts, dresses or dressier attire) and started searching for sweaters. To my surprise, I found so many that I fell in love with…Yippee!



This past weekend was the primal fall weekend that I’ve oh so desperately wanted and received! The temps didn’t reach higher than 60 and the sun was out for a majority of the weekend. Perfect sweater weather, might I add! Sunday was the best day! We woke up a little early, had our breakfast, got ready for the day and then took a short drive to Bristol Mountain to ride the ski lift and leaf peep. It was so magical. All the leaves were shades of bright orange, yellow, red and green. I can’t express how beautiful all the colors of fall were glistening on the mountains! We rode the ski lift to the very top and then ended up walking down the hill (it was a 3 hour wait to come back down). So, in white jeans and heeled boots, I told Chris he better hold on tight to my hand HAHA. Surprisingly, I did not fall once but Chris did (he’s always making fun of me for being clumsy so I had to throw that in there while I could ;). My legs were so sore yesterday, but it was well worth the climb. Seeing all the leaves falling and the aerial view from the top was unbelievable. Words can’t describe the magnitude of beauty we saw! If you get the chance to do something like this, I highly recommend it. Its incredible!