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25 things about me on my 25th

Okay, full disclosure, I usually try my very hardest to go under the radar on my birthday, I'm not one who likes to be the center of attention, I get all squeamish and such but since I am turning the leaf on a new year I thought I would celebrate my 25 years on this earth with you! I've been dreading this birthday, (until recently) thinking to myself how can I be turning a quarter of a century old already? I haven't accomplished all that I've wanted to by this age and I only have so much time. Well, as much as I keep thinking this; its very untrue. I have plenty of time to accomplish everything I want to and I've already had a bunch of great successes, so instead of dwelling, I'm celebrating! Below you will find 25 unique facts about me that you may or may not know! So, grab a hot cup of coffee (or tea, whatever your preference), pull up a seat, get cozy and lets get started!

These are just a few of my favorite memories leading up to my 25th!

Fact #1: I learned to walk in heels. Yes you read that right, my mom used to joke around telling me that I never wanted to walk, until my older sister had brought a pair of those plastic dress-up heels to me, I slipped them on my feet and would crawl around the living room. Until one day, I finally lifted myself up and started walking, I was wearing those silly plastic heels.

Fact #2: My DREAM car is a Volks Wagen Punch Bug in baby blue with a daisy in the front dash board by the steering wheel. Its no luxury, fancy Ferrari, but if you know me well enough, I'm not an over the top person and the little things truly mean the most to me.

Fact #3: I have a happy dance whenever I eat something really tasty. I try to hide it or not draw attention to it, but when I find something to be extremely delicious, I have a little sway that I do.

Fact #4: I am a very quirky person and have a lot of character, so whenever I'm deciding on something some-what important, I like it to have as much character as me. Lots of color, charm and unique tendencies that most people would rather live without.

Fact #5: I met Chris when I was 13 years young (he was 15). We were inseparable best friends for 2 years. Spent most weekends together and after school activities. I never thought of him as "boyfriend material" when we were friends, we were so close I viewed him as an older brother. He had expressed some interest in me, but nothing too crazy, we didn't want to ruin our friendship. Until, one day, I realized I liked him more than a friend and being the bold person that I am, I texted him asking if he had ever been in love. That was the first time we both exchanged "I love you's" and the rest is history.

Fact #6: My favorite cocktail is wine. I prefer a dark, full-bodied, dry wine but I like to try all different types.

Fact #7: When I was deciding about college, I struggled between going to school for fashion or culinary. Since I was little girl, I always wanted to be a professional baker but complained if I worked in a kitchen, I couldn't wear pretty shoes. (True story my friends) That is how I decided to go into Fashion.

Fact #8: I graduated college in 3 years instead of 4 with a Bachelor's degree with High-honors. I even got to wear those cool ribbons around your neck, over your gown! I also received 2 awards during my graduating ceremony.

Fact #9: I never wanted a Chihuahua until I met Griff. I worried that they make a lot of noise (and I didn't want to be the neighbors with an obnoxious dog) and I didn't like the no-hair look to them. So much so, that when Chris was driving me (as a surprise) to pick up Griff, when he told me it was a Chihuahua-Bichon mix, I got a little nervous and asked if we could see any other dogs (I feel awful admitting that, but its true). Then, when we went into the house and the little pups were running around, I fell in love. Griff was the one who was causing a ton of ruckus around the house, pulling christmas decorations down, trying to play with a toy 10x his size (he was only 1.5 lbs. when we got him). The other pups were laying on our laps all snugly, but when I saw him pull Mrs. Claus down from the banister, I knew he was ours! I told Chris he was the one and we left shortly after that. Since then, I haven't thought twice about his Chihuahua side, he's such a cutie and since we've worked so hard to train him, he is a good boy, only barks when he's jealous of me talking to someone other than him haha. He has longer hair than a normal Chihuahua, that comes from the Bichon, and he is truly a Mama's boy (sorry Chris!).

Fact #10: Fact you probably know by now, but in case you don't...I LOVE PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Nothing is bad when you have a little pumpkin!

Fact #11: I have a scar on the upper left part of my lip, right in the crevice of my smile lines. The only time its noticeable to the naked eye is when I am super stressed. The scar was given to me by a previous dog we used to own, named Keiko. She was an all white American Eskimo dog. She was the sweetest little thing, she loved the snow more than anything in this world! However, one day, while she was taking a nap in our families office, me being my nosey 7 year old self, decided it would be a good idea to bug her tremendously. After about 15 minutes of me playing with her and her not responding, I bent down to kiss her on the cheek and she snapped. She bit a large portion of my upper lip. Thankfully I didn't need stitches, but it left a nice little scar for fun stories to share.

Fact #12: My absolute favorite dessert is Ice-Cream! I can eat it in the dead of winter or on a boiling hot summer day. It does not matter what is happening around me, Ice-Cream makes everything better! When Chris and I were getting married the very first thing we put on our registry was an Ice-Cream maker, because we buy so much ice cream, I thought an ice cream maker would help save some money if I made it. (full-disclosure, I've only made ice cream a hand full of times, whoops!).

Fact #13: I absolutely loath the saying "Happy wife, Happy life!" In a good, healthy relationship, each party has to do something for the other person, so I don't like when people say if she isn't happy, he isn't happy. I like things to be equal, so if I'm not happy, I'm not going to bring Chris down, though he is usually the one making it better, hehe.

Fact #14: I have severe anxiety and OCD. I try my absolute hardest to hide it and not let anyone know, but I'm putting my walls down for you guys. Its a daily battle for me to keep my head up and restrain from obsessing over the smallest of things, but I know what to do when I'm struggling and typically overcome whatever's troubling me.

Fact #15: My favorite accessory is SHOES! The first thing I reach for when I'm shopping and typically the starting point when planning my outfits for the day. I have over 200+ shoes! Shhh don't tell anyone!

Fact #16: As much as I love fashion, I love anything that is aesthetically pleasing. That ranges from interior design, gardening, art, food and much more! I have a ton of subscriptions to several different genres of magazines because I just like to look at the photos and gain inspiration from anything that comes to me that I deem beautiful.

Fact #17: I had a December wedding. A few factors came to us when deciding to get married in winter, 1. the first time Chris and I said "I love you" was in December, when we first started dating was in December and when he proposed it was December, so it just made sense 2. I LOVE snow and really wanted snow in my wedding photos! 3. it was the direct opposite of what most people chose for weddings; spring, summer and fall are the norm so I didn't want that, and 4. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so duh, of course it was Christmas themed! Haha

Fact #18: Running is therapeutic to me. I like to run when I'm really stressed out or on my lunch break to break up the day. I just let the road guide me and release any toxic thoughts I may be having. I always come back from a run in a better mood. I run for fun too, but most people look at me cross-eyed when I say I do it as free therapy.

Fact #19: I have a collection of expensive, antique Barbie's. When I was younger, Barbie's were my favorite thing so my Mom started a special collection for me. I have the fancy Barbie's still in their boxes, as well as all of the Barbie ornaments for my Christmas tree.

Fact #20: I also save Vogue's. Every.Single.Vogue magazine that I've ever purchased or been given, I still have. I have Vogue back from when I first started reading it, when I was 10 years old.

Fact #21: One of my favorite things to do when I can't sleep is clean. Strange habit, but it always calms me down and takes my mind off whatever is troubling me. Chris always jokes when this happens that he wakes to the cleaning fairy. Dirty house when he goes to bed and clean house when he wakes.

Fact #22: I LOVE coffee. I mean, love! I can drink it all day long, if sleeping wasn't an issue. I only allow myself 2 cups a day so that it doesn't interfere with my sleep.

Fact #23: I've only been out of this country 2 times, 1 being Canada and since its only an hour away from me, I don't really count it and the second was Jamaica for our honeymoon. We're about to make it 3 this coming November when we jet off to Paris for 2 weeks!

Fact #24: I have a small obsession for lingerie. Not for the "sexy" reason, but because I think when you look good, you feel good. And lingerie is such an intimate part of your day that I feel like it empowers women to feel better about themselves. I always coordinate my undergarments to match my outfit (color wise). When I was in college I designed my own lingerie line and it never went any where, but you never know what the future holds ;)

Fact #25: I wear a ton of pink but my actual favorite color is Purple. I was told when I was younger that Pink looked better on me over any other color, so I always gravitate towards pi