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Tweed from AM to PM

When I'm browsing the web or in-store shopping (who does that anymore? lol) I always try to see how far I can stretch a garment. I don't mean physically pull on the threads to see how far it can go, I mean how many styles can I switch it up without it being overdone. One of the best compliments I've been given is being told that I never wear the same thing twice. Well, my friends, this is simply not true. Why, yes I do own a lot of clothes for the pure fact that I used to run a couple of stores and each month I was allotted new clothes, but also because I have a slight-addiction. However the main point I am trying to get to is because I style my pieces in more ways than one that it appears I'm wearing something new, when its actually old. So here I've styled this gorgeous tweed crop top two ways; a work-wear outfit and an evening style.



First; tweed is very popular right now! I've always been a lover for tweed, its so classy and elegant and looks good on everyone. No matter how you style tweed, you will always look timeless. Every time I wear tweed I feel like I'm channeling my inner Chanel. Anyways, for the first way I styled this gorgeous tweed top is by paring it with classic hi-waisted, wide-leg pants. This is an easy look to wear to work - if you have to look professional, to a job interview, for a business meeting, etc. I usually stray away from anything cropped, only cause its hard to style for work or for other "professional" settings, but this top is a perfect length that you can easily pair with something hi-waisted, which always elevates any look. I chose to do the soft-pink pants to pull out some of the colors from the top and accentuate the beautiful threads throughout. Since I was going for more of an office-look here, I put together these pointed toe, kitten heels, that way it elongated my legs and kept the look really polished.

For the more exciting, on-the-edge look; I added a few more pieces to give a lot of dimension to the ensemble. Since the tweed is very classy and I wanted something more edgy for going out with my girls, or for date-night with my S/O, I chose to pair it with a mini-denim skirt. The play on fabrics is really fun and not what you typically expect with tweed. Also, the shortness of the skirt takes a classy look to something a little more flirtatious. Since it is fall, I added the peter-pan collar shirt underneath the crop top to add a little more of a relaxed feel with it un-tucked. The OTK boots adds a bit more sexiness to the look and pulls out some of the colors in the top so it all ties nicely together.

There you have it friends, an easy way to style a simple top two ways. You can easily take this advice and apply it in your own closet. Just switch up some of your layers and your bottoms, and you'll have a completely reinvented look.

I hope you all have a great day and better week!



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