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Date-Night at Home

Life has been so crazy lately, that I've been missing out on some of the small things that I absolutely love. One of my favorite things to do at the end of the week is go on date-night with the hubby. Sit back and do something together, just the two of us, giving us ample time to talk freely, giggle and be us. A few weeks ago, Chris and I found a really fun cooking class that we wanted to attend for our date night. But unfortunately we sat on it too long that when we went to reserve our seats, they were sold out. After being bummed about it for a while, I decided we were going to recreate the cooking class at home! How fun, right? So after both agreeing that we would do our best to teach ourselves some new techniques, I researched recipes online and found a menu that we both thought sounded scrumptious. The cooking class theme was cooking for fall, with tons of fall ingredients, so we carried out the same theme!

Our Menu:

Appetizer: a cheese board consisting of Horseradish cheese, Smoked Pepper-Jack and Apricot Goat's cheese paired with my favorite Toasted's Sesame crackers. Oh and of course, olives from the olive bar at Wegman's.

Drinks: during our appetizer course - I created a Harvest Punch which consisted of;

1 cup Vodka

1 bottle of Presecco

1/2 Gallon of Cider

1 can of Ginger Beer

Slices of an orange and apple (for the punch and garnish)

Cinnamon Sugar (for garnish)

Pour everything into a pitcher with ice, dip your glasses in a little cider and cinnamon sugar and you've got yourself a cocktail! I will admit, this sounded like a lot when we were making it, but honestly Chris and I agreed this was a super sweet cocktail, so to tame down how absolutely sweet it was, we would suggest adding another can of ginger beer and little more vodka to take away from the sweetness of the cider. We both had sugar-coma's after our 2nd so we stopped drinking it.

Dinner: Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo! Sounds amazing, doesn't it? We all know how much I love pumpkin and I was surprised Chris chose this one out of all the dishes I came up with, but I am pleased to report I thoroughly enjoyed our Alfredo! Find the recipe here.

And for the best part, Dessert: Homemade Apple Pie a la mode! Originally it was going to be mini hand pies, but I didn't like how small they were (like mini doughnut size) so I decided to scratch that and make an entire pie. It was the first time I ever made Apple pie! Can you believe it? I've made plenty of apple crisp's in my time, but never the actual pie. Don't get me wrong, I've made tons of pies in my day; pecan, pumpkin, blueberry, but never apple. The filling recipe you can find here and the dough recipe (an old recipe that I've used time and time again and has never let me down!).

To set the mood for date-night at home, we wanted to make it feel as special as if we were out to dinner some where, so we both dressed up a bit and met in the kitchen around 4:00pm to get the festivities started. As Chris created an outstanding cheese board, I got to work on the cocktail. By the time both of us were done with our project, we were cheersing and awing over each others master pieces. As the sounds of Frank Sinatra sang through the house and the sweet smell of the apple cider in our drinks, we danced around the kitchen while nibbling on our cheese and crackers.

After, what felt like a moment in time (ended up being an hour, but who cares, its date night, right?!) We jumped right into making our apple pie dough and filling so once we finished dinner we could dive right into dessert! We all know the best part of the meal is dessert! lol. As I cut the butter, Chris dumped in the flour and sugar. We rolled out the dough together and assembled the pie crust. It was truly like a scene out of Romantic movie, it was adorable! Until, he decided to get a little silly and tried to get flour on my nose, he ended up getting it right in my eye! Haha best part of all, he captured it on camera too!

Once the pie was assembled and baking away in the oven, we moved right into dinner. As he filled the pot up with water and got the noodles boiling, I jumped into the Alfredo sauce. The recipe was super easy to make and took no time at all. I did add a few extra ingredients into my sauce seeming how we both are spicy freaks, so I added Red Pepper Flakes, Paprika and a little Crushed Black Pepper for a little heat. It didn't change up the flavor too much but left a little tickle in our throats. The dinner went down faster than we could speak and we were quickly rushing back inside for pie! I don't know if it was the ambience of the evening or the fact that we made it together, but it was the BEST apple pie I've ever had! So good, that I actually had it for breakfast on Sunday (and maybe for dinner too, shh!)

After two completely stuffed bellies, and tons of laughter, we decided to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with our pup. Just laughing and having a great time the three of us. Best part of date night at home, we got to share the evening with the puppy too! I have to say, I think the evening was more magical than an evening spent on the town.



As far as the outfit goes - I wanted to make sure I kept it easy going, since we would be cooking and baking but also somewhat sexy for date night. I chose this one-shoulder LBD because it matched the theme of the evening and its super comfy. This could easily be styled with high heels and chandelier earrings for a wedding or with a blazer over your shoulders for work. That's what is so great about LBD's, they go with everything and match any theme. I originally planned to wear these beautiful pink shoes, but once I got down to the kitchen, I kicked off my shoes and just danced around with Chris barefoot. The tassel earrings stepped up the outfit from being a cute, casual look to something with little fancier. The bold color in the earrings brought out the bold lip color I chose. All together, I wanted something easy and romantic, and I think this LBD and tassel earrings did just the trick!



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