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My top 5 Favorite Fall Activities

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a really long time. Nothing too extravagant happened, it was just nice being at home with the hubby and puppy with fall all around us. The temps were cooler making perfect brisk mornings for a walk to get coffee on Saturday and a day full of fall activities such as picking apples and ending the evenings with a warm fire, with a blanket wrapped around the two of us and a glass of wine. As much of busy-body that I am, I love random weekends like these. No agenda, do whatever we want, when we want and just truly enjoying each others presence. I took a little breather from my phone - what I really mean to say is, I didn't look at my phone at all this weekend except to look up the take out number (haha) and hours of the fruit farm. It was just what I needed.


Since, fall has commenced here, there was no better idea in my head than to do some of my favorite fall activities. On Saturday we woke up to a brisk morning, hiked on our boots, cozy socks, warmer attire and walked down to get a hot cup of pumpkin coffee with the pup. We both left our phones at home and just talked about anything and everything on our walk. Once we got back from our walk, I insisted we go apple-picking. Last year, we didn't get the chance to hit up the apple picking farms because we bought our house in the early fall and with all the changes we did to the house, we never got around to it. So this year I was super pumped and since it was a chillier day, I knew we had to go! As it always is, it was a blast. Picking the apples off the tree and munching on them as we scout for bigger, brighter apples. Reminiscing in times we did this as kids or as adults when we lived in MA and had to drive 2.5 hours outside of the city to find a farm that let you pick apples. The coolest part of the farm was a cidery built right on the farm. Once we were finished picking all 17 lbs. of apples, we decided we would pop in to see the cidery for a quick drink. Originally, we thought it was going to be like an old-country store where we could get a gallon of cider and some cider doughnuts, but this place came as an amazement. We walked into a grand barn-style bar with an event room to left, merchandise store, hanging art that was for sale and awesome looking bar tables and stools. We sat at the bar and each ordered ourselves a cider that was made at the farm, walked around looking at the art and wandered outside where they had a bunch of outdoor games and a beautiful view overlooking the orchard. To end the perfect fall day, we had a nice warm bonfire in the backyard, all cuddled up in a blanket together. It was the perfect fall weekend.

I wore this casual look when apple picking because you want to make sure to be comfortable while picking for fruit! You never know where that perfect apple will be, high in the tree or low to the ground. So being able to move without restrictions is important! I wore these jeans (which you've seen here and here before) because they are the best pair of jeans I own! I love the light blue color they sport. Not too light and not too dark. I found this top last month when I was searching for end-of-summer styles and knew I had to have it. Its the perfect transitional piece with the cold-shoulder details, keeping you cool on the hot days and warm on the cooler days. Isn't the embroidery detail just darling? And of course these are the new Jack Rogers booties I was telling you about on my Insta-Story! I got them a few weekends ago, when they were doing a private sale. And boy am I excited I got them when I did. They were on sale for just under $50 and they are soooo comfortable! I will for sure be living in these all fall long! They have a small little heel giving me a little height without being overwhelming. These bad boys are definitely going with me to France, they were meant for walking!

Which all of this leads me to share with you my TOP 5 FALL ACTIVITIES! Maybe it'll spark some excitement for those of you who may not be the most excited for the cooler weather or maybe for those of you who are excited, and need an idea of something fun to do!

1. Apple Picking! Couldn't have guessed that one, right? Haha. I think its so fun wandering aimlessly through an orchard, climbing up the trees to find the perfect apple and munching on them as we look for more. All the scents of fall swarming around me with leaves falling and the crunching grass. I've been going apple picking every year since I was a child. It has always been one of my favorite activities for fall!

2. Pumpkin Picking! Yes this activity doesn't come for about another month or so, but its so fun to scope out the perfect pumpkin to carve. Thinking up ideas with every pumpkin I lift and start brainstorming unique ideas to craft onto the pumpkin. Every year I do something new - now I didn't say I was an artist, but I always try my hardest! ;)

3. Leaf-Peeping! As my darling husband told me, leaf-peeping is a technical term used when living in a bigger city and scouting for changing foliage. However, living in a big city or our tiny little town in NY, I love getting outside and walking for hours on end, searching for all the colors of fall. I love seeing the changing leaves and how different trees produce different colors. This year, we are going up to Bristol Mountain to ride the ski lifts and see all the changing leaves on the mountain, it'll be so pretty, I can't wait!

4. Drinking Hot Apple Cider! Ahh the true taste of fall! I love waking up on a cool morning, slipping on my slippers, wrapped in a blanket and warming up a nice hot cup of cider, dusted oh-so slightly with Cinnamon! It makes the whole house smell divine and my taste buds go crazy!

5. Baking Fall Desserts! As many of you know, I love to bake and fall is my favorite season to bake! Its finally cool enough outside to turn the oven on again and whip up some desserts that I've been holding off on! Scents of Pumpkin, Apple, Cinnamon, Cardamon roaming throughout the house and the beautiful sites you get when the finish product hits the table! Its the best feeling!

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite fall activities are, so let me know!

Have a wonderful week my friends!



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