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Fall Harvest

Ahhh fall! I can't believe summer has already concluded! I feel like it just started and now we're switching over to our cooler attire and darker tones. This weekend, I was overly excited for fall (as most of you know, I get a little crazy around this season). I just love the colors of the changing leaves, sweater weather, boot and bootie season and the most obvious reason...PUMPKIN! I had to the whole house smelling like a pumpkin patch with warm notes of pumpkin and cinnamon dancing around our noses. With the end of summer and the beginning of fall, I obviously had to redecorate the whole house.



Last year, we didn't move into our house until the middle of October and by the time we were done moving and making all the changes to the house, it was already time for the big holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) so I didn't really get time to go all out for fall. This year is a totally different ball game, we are going to be in the house for the whole season, so my redecorating commenced over Labor Day weekend! Woohoo! (Stay tuned for a decorating blog post for fall. )

Speaking of Labor Day weekend, one of the biggest topics I get going on is fashion Do's and Don'ts. And white after Labor Day is my biggest argument! The "No White After Labor Day" myth started back in the late 1800s or early 1900s (no definitive date) as an old wives tale. Desert people and most humans know, white is a color that typically keeps you cooler. So most people stick to wearing white in the summer time to stay cool. Now that fashion has truly erupted and the world is ever changing with trends and what-not, the "no white after labor day" is simply an old myth. Wear white for as long as you would like. I know for a fact, I've worn white in the dead of winter (actually I just adore winter whites) and no person has ever approached me with a burning stick demanding me to change. Most people alter their color choices in fall to darker colors to keep us warmer during the cooler months. But that doesn't mean you can't find adorable white pants, or chunky knit sweaters in stark white colors that'll keep you nice and toasty during the cooler temps.

Here, i've exampled for you a perfect fall outfit. A cold-shoulder pink top that would work with a pencil skirt, if you were trying to dress up a bit or casually with these perfect white jeans. When I found this top on a few weeks ago, I instantly thought of a several ways to wear it during the fall. Its a heavier cotton material so it definitely would gave been too hot for summer but cool enough in case we get an Indian Summer (which Rochester typically does in late September). These white jeans have been seen before (here and here) they are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. (That's why I'm so adamant about wearing white after Labor day, cause I don't want to give these bad boys up lol). They are the perfect white; not too bright and not too creamy. They are not see-through and they are super stretchy! What more could you ask for in a pair of jeans?

Now that the cooler temps are starting to trickle in, cooler mornings, darker evenings, my foot-wear is going to start changing over to booties and flats. These open-toe booties work perfectly with 99.9% of fall closet and they are the perfect height. They can easily be paired with a skirt or slacks for work and jeans or shorts on the weekend for a more casual look.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Xo, Sarah

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