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Navigating Nautically

Wow, did summer go by fast or what? I feel like I was just saying how excited I was for summer to start and now we are coming up on Labor Day weekend! Say what?! Summer went way too quickly for me. I realized over the weekend that I hadn't spent one day at the beach. Typically, you can't get me away from the beach during the summer, but its been so busy and filled with so many events to attend, I haven't spent anytime at the beach!

To me, no summer is complete without endless days spent beachside. I love being near the water. Since I was a kid, I've always had an infatuation for the water. I was lucky enough to grow up near one of the largest lakes and spent most my childhood summers jetskiing around the surrounding bays / lakes. Growing older, I feel like my love for the water has only increased. Hence why Chris and I got nautical-style tattoos together and our house is mainly decorated with nautical decor.

Since summer is nearing the end of its course, I knew we had to spend a little time at the beach. So, Sunday morning I woke Chris early in the am and dragged his butt down to the Lake and Bay outlet. I find this area to be so serene. I love hearing the noises from the boats speeding by us, while the waves crash up against the rocks and the scent of the moist air. We just sat around watching the watercraft's pass us by while we had light conversation about our summer. For the short time we were allotted, I felt at ease knowing that Labor day weekend is just a few days away and feel complete to say this summer was great and am now ready for Fall!