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Sunny Sunflower Sunday's



This past weekend, on a stroll through the city of Rochester, I started to notice that Fall is approaching faster than one can think! All the kids are getting ready for school, the days are getting shorter, the mornings are full of brisk-fresh air. All things that I am truly excited for, however not quite ready to give up the sunny summer days!

What excites you most about fall? For me, its EVERYTHING! I love pumpkin flavor anything! Over the weekend, I posted on my insta-stories about these wonderfully amazing pumpkin wafer cookies that are to die for! They definitely screamed fall! Moving along, more things that I love about fall is chunky knit sweaters paired with boots. Hot coffee and a good book on a park bench somewhere. Cool mornings and warm days. The beautiful sites of falling leaves. And so much more.

The number one thing that always stands out to me when Fall approaches is the new trends. I'm always eager to see what trends actually stick from the fashion shows and what people are calling the "hottest" look. I am patiently waiting until fashion week in NYC before I completely immerse myself into fall attire, however I caught myself drifting off thinking about it all weekend long. Here are a few things that I am loving and hating for fall this year! Lets see which ones actually blow up!


1. DENIM SKIRTS! I have been fighting to buy or not to buy a denim skirt. I know its a huge fad right now and its totally bringing back childhood memories for me from when I was a young girl rocking a denim skirt. I love this trend and I truly hope it sticks through the fall. I've pictured so many cute looks styled with a denim skirt - tall boots, knit scarves, turtle necks, felt hats and so many more.

2. Overalls. Yes my friends, overalls! They have been in the game since spring hit and its going strong right into fall! I've been loving the cut-off overalls for summer but one of my most recent purchases (Which you will see soon) is a corduroy overall skirt! So in love!

3. Graphic tee's! I've never been one to wear a simple t-shirt unless I am styling it under a jacket or with something else. However, the graphic tee game has been on point! I love seeing how people are pairing them with preppy skirts, jeans, jackets, you name it, so cute!


1. 90's windbreakers. Need I say more? YUCK! I did not like the whole windbreaker phenomenon back when I was a kid living the 90's and I do not like it now as an adult living in the 2000's.

2. Cropped sweatshirts. I know you are probably yelling at the computer right now, saying what are you thinking? However, I am slightly biased, I don't like sweatshirts to begin with other than sitting in front of fire or working out. But cutting off the bottom of the hoodie just takes it to a whole other level of disgust.

3. SPANX as shorts! What are people thinking?? I know Kim K. started this trend and I truly wish it never went anywhere. I used to work for SPANX, and I am a total phene for SPANX however, they should be left under the clothing, not as a part of the ensemble.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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