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Twirling into August

When I think of August, I always think of orange and pink skies, shorter days, warm air and pure relaxation. Like someone said once before, August is like the Sunday of summer! I always use this month to recharge my batteries. Make little to no plans and just focus on what I need to focus on. I do this every August because once September hits, I feel like the months just go into fast-forward mode until January. So much happens in the next four months and I just never feel like I can keep up.


July was absolutely crazy for us, I did not have one weekend without a list of events to attend, as I am sure, most of you were the same. I was so looking forward to August, which in a way makes me a little sad since July really is the bulk of summer. Anyways, when approaching August I always have this envision in my head of what the whole month will be like....bright sunny skies all day, rose colored skies at night, bonfires every night of the week, fresh fruit and veggies and calming Saturday's / Sunday's. Though that may just be a thought I am dreaming of, I all most always end up wearing those colors all month long.

This cute little ensemble came to me when I was just browsing the web, not really looking for anything in particular. Once I saw the skirt, I knew it would be a perfect piece for August. Then I came across the top and it was fate! I wore this split front maxi-skirt to a roof top cafe with Chris this past weekend and it was perfect. The air was warm, the sun was out and the coffee was swirling. The off-the shoulder top made it perfect to get a few kisses from the sun.

At first, I thought this may have been a little too much for brunch on a roof-top, but once we sat down, I was sure happy I didn't wear pants. It was so warm plus with my hot cappuccino, I surely needed the skirt. This would also be a cute outfit to wear to a summers-end wedding with a different pair of shoes and a simple clutch. Or lift the off-the-shoulder sleeve to over the shoulder and wear it to work. Either way you style it, I'm sure you'll be wearing these pieces all month long!

Happy August everyone!



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