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Best at home teeth whitening for an on-the-go lifestyle

Hello my good friends!

I wanted to take a quick break from my usual fashion-inspired posts to tell you how you can get the most perfect, Insta-worthy smile, right from the comfort of your couch!

Casually reading a magazine wearing my whitening trays

Laughing at the mini-cocktail party (explained below)

Laughing at the mini-cocktail party (explained below)

In today's day, looks are basically everything. As much as I hate this thought and the fact that I let this eat at me, I have always been so self-conscious about my smile. I had a lot of dental issues when I was younger and now that I'm older, my teeth are in great shape. However they are not nearly as white as I'd like them to be! So, after learning about Smile Brilliant, I decided to give this at home, custom-made whitening kit a try! It is the most convenient way to whiten your teeth with amazing results and without those astronomical professional-dental bills! This stuff really works!

For two weeks, I whitened my teeth between 1-2 hours a night with a few rest nights in between. They send you a "starter kit" that includes all the necessities you'll need and instructions on how to build your custom trays. Basically, you get this blue molding gel and plastic trays that shape around your teeth. You wait for it to harden for an hour or so and then mail in the molds. Once they receive the molds, they get to creating your trays. Within 2-3 weeks you will be starting the whitening process. Fill the trays with the whitening gel, place it in your mouth and continue on with your day. I can't tell you enough how convenient whitening your teeth can be! Since the trays are clear, you can literally do anything with them in your mouth. I even went to the grocery store once wearing my trays and no one knew! I mean, how funny is that? I also hosted a mini-cocktail party with a couple of our friends in the backyard and wore my trays for the first hour. When I came back from removing the whitening trays, I explained to everyone what I was doing and no one noticed the trays in my mouth or my silly lisp! It did take me a couple times of getting used to the trays, with a little lisp but nothing that was outrageous. After only 2 weeks of whitening my teeth, I see a huge difference! I feel confident smiling with my teeth showing in all my photos.

If you are in the market for whitening your teeth but discouraged by the ridiculous cost, you should really try Smile Brilliant. You'll get th