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Blueberry Bliss




Summer is a time to kick the feet up and get in some much needed R&R. For me, blueberry picking on a sunny afternoon is the ideal way to relax. I love being out in an open field, bustling with birds chirping and the sun beating down on my shoulders. Empty containers getting filled until they are overflowing with berries and the sweet chomp of the freshest berry picked right off the branch. For the last three or four summers, I've dragged Chris out to a blueberry farm just to relish in the excitement of fresh fruit. We always pick an abundance of berries and then I will concoct some form of a blueberry dessert. *Stay tuned, recipe to come later this week, just working on perfecting it for you :) Summer just doesn't feel like summer unless we've picked fresh fruit for the home!

Anyways, for the reason you all are here; the outfit! When I picture being on a farm, I always picture the cutest of overalls, decorated with mud on the knees, adorned with a head scarf wrapped in the hair and Hunter boots. Though, this look is nothing like that, I chose to pick something a l little more festive for my favorite summer activity. When I found this dress browsing Amazon, I knew I had to have it! The midi-length gives the dress a bit of a sweeter feel, not too short but not too long. The soft cream tones that peak between the sunflowers adds a comforting feel to the dress. And the large Sunflower pattern decorating all along the dress just screams summer! This is a perfect dress to wear to any occasion this summer; bridal showers, a walk on the beach, brunch with your gal-pals, dinner out with your S/O, etc.

Since the dress already had bright yellow tones, I didn't want to add too much to my accessories to overwhelm the outfit. I went with this subtle yellow-tone necklace. It picks up the yellows in the pattern and ignites the simpleness of the whole ensemble. When pairing together loud prints, always be conscious of the types of accessories you are using. If you go too crazy, it may come off too strong and ruin the outfit, versus keeping it simple makes the outfit sing. With that being said, any type of nude or black shoe would work for this dress. I chose these nude sandals; 1. because they are so comfy and I knew I was going to be ambling around a fruit farm and 2. the neutral color doesn't take away from the dress since I really wanted the dress to be the focal point of this ensemble.

Thank you all for reading! I hope your week is off to a great start and finishes out beautifully!



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