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Restless River



Something about summer makes me a little more adventurous with my style choices. I love to see what the new trends are each season and try to morph my style to match but it never quite works out that way. Fashion is all about originality and what works on each persons body. This year, I have been crazy about the pant trend game! Typically I am more of a dress / skirt girl so I kind of surprised myself! Lol. What are you craving this season?

Full disclosure, I love anything that has a ruffle! Whether its a ruffled hem, ruffled sleeves, layers and layers of ruffles, I love it all! Call me old school, but it just adds a bit of dimension into any outfit when you add that little extra detail. I know some of you are probably screaming asking me “WHY!?” but I don’t have any explanation. These pants definitely have that ruffle effect at the bottom hem and I love them for that reason! They are so fun to walk around with an extra kick back to make them swoosh as I am walking. Not the mention the color of these pants are so brilliant! Absolutely screams fun!

These pants are perfect to dress up for fancier occasions and down for more casual events. For example, try pairing these pants with a sparkley stiletto, dressy top, a clutch and it’ll be perfect for a wedding or night out on the town. Or do as I did here, tie a button down top, add some wedges and simple accessories for an easy going, relaxed look for work or dinner out with your girls. Either way you choose, the pants truly make the outfit something to special!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay cool out there!