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Sunday Stroll


Nothing is quite like a relaxing Sunday with the fam! The month of July is going to be a crazy month for us. We have events going on every single weekend, plus during the week we are loaded up with activities. With all that being said, I am totally one of those people that likes to reserve 2-3 hours a week to just be with my family. Whether thats a family dinner with everyone invited or just Chris, Griff and me. This week we chose to do a Sunday stroll by the canal and grab some ice cream the three of us. The sun was out, the water was glistening and the day was warm. It definitely set us up for a strong beginning of the week!

This outfit is by far the best - it is incredibly comfortable for the hot days of summer and so easy to put together. I get how difficult it can be to get up on a hot summer day and have to look presentable, when all we want to do is put on the most loose fitting, breathable outfit and throw the hair up. This jumpsuit is super lightweight and airy. The wide-legs keeps the air flow moving through out the whole ensemble and the high neck keeps my arms nice and cool. You can style this up to be a fancier look for a wedding or shower of some-sort with heels and bright accessories or style it down to wear casually with sandals.

I paired this suit with an easy going nude heeled-sandal. Seeming how I am simply too short to wear this look without any heels, I thought it would be nice paired with a simple shoe. The whole ensemble is rather loud so toning it down with more basic accessories is the way to go.

During these hot summer days we have to be conscious about what to wear and how to style it. Its not easy layering on the accessories or pilling on different articles of clothing; so I try super hard to find basic pieces that will match with a variety of necklines, colors and styles. Finding a pair of nude sandals with a small heel makes life so much easier. Summer generally means brighter colors and tones, so find a necklace and earring set with lots of colors so it'll match everything and you'll be golden for a great summer style!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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