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Squeeze The Day




Can you believe that the "official" start to summer happens this Thursday? I feel like the year is just flying by. We have made it more than half way through 2018 and I have to say it feels crazy to me! I just love summer, its the time to let your hair down and unwind! Days filled with sunshine and nights full of bonfires and great laughs on the patio. I've always been a lover for colder-weather (I have no idea why) but this year, I am soooo excited for summer! I love waking up on the weekends and drinking my coffee on the patio while Griff plays in the yard and eating dinner on the patio every night with the hubby. Summer is just the best!

Okay, okay back to fashion... the reason we're all here, right?! Anyways, this romper is perfect for the hot and humid summer days! Since this week is the official mark of summer, I had to share one of the best rompers for the season! The lemon print is what totally sold me. I'm not typically a "short" person, I've struggled with the look of shorts on me all my life, but when I saw this print, I couldn't resist. I have been looking all over for something with this kind of print for the season and I thought to myself, well on the off-chance I would want shorts for those extremely hot days, this would be perfect! Its perfect to dress up or down for the season. As I did here, I added fun wedges and a season-appropriate hat to make it very beachy yet sophisticated. If you wanted this for an easy-going summer outfit to just hang around in, add some sandals, sunnies and you're out the door.

I'm getting the feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of these awesome wedges! What you can't see in the pictures is the cork-wedge has little splatters of multi-colors to add a little more excitement to them! They are the most comfortable pair of wedges I own! I have had them on repeat almost everyday! They match everything and they fit so comfortably! I highly suggest investing in a pair of wedge sandals every summer. I know I mentioned this to you last year, but it truly will save you so much time choosing your shoes in the summer and also less of a headache because they are a "basic" shoe that'll go with your whole summer wardrobe.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week!



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