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Wind in my hair and sand in my toes



Vacation makes me think of bright colors and lots of sunshine. This past week, my family and I took a little trip to the Jersey Shore where we spent most days being tourists and most evenings twinkling our toes in the sand. Though we expected the temps to be in the high seventies and eighties, for the most part, it was rather chilly. We spent a couple of the days taking day trips to Atlantic City and Ocean city. If you are following me on Insta, then you probably saw all my stories of what we were doing. All together, it was so nice to get some uninterrupted time with the family and unwind. I'll be doing a quick recap of the whole week in another post, later this week so stay tuned to see more!

When I was getting ready for this trip, I was on the hunt for bright colors. When I saw this dress, I knew it would be perfect. To me, this dress screamed vacation! The bright colors and the vertical stripes were just flat out fun! I am crazy about back details right now, and this dress has the coolest back with the deep-V and fun straps. The asymmetrical hem makes this dress perfect for all body shapes. It adds a bit of elegance when you walk and especially when the wind hits it, ah I love it!

Since this dress was intended for vacation, I had to add a few more "tropical" aspects this dress to make it pop even more. The chartreuse belt was my definition of the perfect accessory. It made the bright yellow / green stripes stand out and it accentuated my waist. Now, I know this is basically a big fashion no-no, but I totally mixed up the colors of mu accessories. I thought it was a fun way to play with my accessories. I added these sweet pale pink floral pumps to make the pinks stand out in the dress. Though it goes against the grain, I really like the way the belt, shoes and dress all paired together.

This dress is just so fun. It would go perfectly with a navy blue or white blazer for more of a professional look and could be dressed up even more for a formal event, such as a wedding. Its even perfect with flat, casual sandals. Which I broke out for our amusement park day! All together, it is almost summer and I know most of us are looking for easy-going, cute dresses to keep us cool this summer. This dress takes the cake!

Off to have a lovely week, as I hope you do the same!



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