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Pattern Clash



Spring is in full swing for me! This weekend was the perfect weekend to get me in the mood for all things spring. We have this amazing public market in downtown Rochester that opens on the weekends, where all the local farmers bring their fresh produce and flowers to sell. Its a pretty big deal; the place is always packed with people the moment they open at 6am on Saturday and all morning on Sunday. This weekend I took my mom with me to pick up a few things for the garden Chris made me a few weekends ago and to scope out the flower scene.

I've never really invested in any time considering "planting flowers" since I never had a place to do it, until now since we have a house. I'm a very colorful person but my house aesthetic thus far has been kind of monotone with shades of grey and random pops of color in the furnishings. So when it comes to my garden, I wanted it to be bright! At the farmers market this weekend, Dahlia's kept grabbing my attention. They had all different shapes, sizes and colors of Dahlia's (and other flowers too). After going up and down the aisles, my mom and I picked up an array of different bright Dahlia's and a couple sunflowers to plant in the front. The rest of the weekend was spent organizing the herb-garden in the back and planting the pretty flowers in the front.

These shoes are an easy summer black strappy heel. I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of these this summer. They work with everything! They are high enough to be classy and take the outfit to the next level but simple enough to go great with any outfit. I've worn these heels with a pair of skinny jeans and it looked so perfect, not too fancy but not too casual either. They were the perfect accent to the already busy ensemble.

That all brings me to this outfit! Since it is spring, florals are every where! Anything floral instantly puts me in a better mood. The bright colors and the cheerfulness you get from a flower just makes everything better, in my opinion that is. When I saw these pants I knew they were going to become my spring/summer staple pant. The black & white print matches so many colors and patterns. Which made me want to throw this adorable top on with these pants. The clash of the patterns work so harmoniously together with the black peter pan color and subtle b&w undertones from the shirt. I always say, if you are planning to do a patter-clash, make sure to only do one over-the-top pattern with a bit more subtle pattern. The pants are the crazy, loud pattern and the floral top is a little more subdue.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some Vitamin-D!



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