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Boston Bound

This past weekend, Chris, Griff and I decided to take a little vacation to my favorite city. I say my favorite city because we spent 6 years living in the great state of Massachusetts. As most of you know, I went to school in the city of Boston and then Chris and I started our "life" together there. It is such a fun place to live and visit. There is endless amounts of activities to do and so many amazing restaurants. If you haven't visited Boston yet, I highly recommend it.

A quick synopsis of our weekend; for starters, we drove up right after work on Friday night so we didn't get in until just after midnight. We woke up pretty early on Saturday to visit our lovely friends who just had the cutest little boy named Benji. We had an amazing home cooked meal with them and just caught up after not seeing them for so long. After our wonderful visit with them, we went straight into the city and visited some of Chris' old friends from where he worked. While we were out that way, we stopped for one of my personal favorite drinks- bubble tea! We walked around a bit, as it was Griff's first trip into the city so we wanted to show him around (not that he really cared haha). Then we met up with some of our closest friends at the coolest tequila bar. The whole decor sets this place apart from any restaurant or bar, its dressed with medieval decor and the most beautiful baroque wallpaper. Every time I go there, I always want to dress my house in their wallpaper (totally wouldn't match any of our decor).

The next day (Sunday) we spent most of the day with my sister and adorable niece, Lia. She's gotten so big, its crazy. We trollop through the city and stopped at every dessert place we possibly could. I mean, we're only there for a short time so why not, right? Carried onto a wonderful visit with my bestie and her pup for dinner and then hit the hotel. We were so exhausted from go-go-going all day Friday into Sunday. We drove back on Monday morning, but before we could go, we had to stop to see the Commons. Its just a place of serenity in my opinion. I love seeing the ducks and the beautiful flowers. Nothing beats walking around the Commons. And the whole time we were living there, I always said to Chris "I can't wait until I have a puppy to walk through the commons with!"And that we did!

Lets move onto fashion - since the weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole weekend we were there, I couldn't help myself but strut some of my new found favorites for the season. This dress has the cutest little ruffle detail that ranges from the mid-section in the front to the mid-section in the back. I didn't get a good shot of this dress without the jacket on, it was rainy when we were taking these pics so I didn't want to get cold haha. However, the sleeve is a thick-strap tank, making this a perfect summer-time dress. The fabric is light cotton so I definitely will have this dress on repeat during the hotter temps. I must admit, I bought this dress for two reasons; 1. I am a mega-fan of hi-low anything! I find it to be so attractive on every body shape. It gives the shortness in the front for sweetness but a little longer in the back to show length. Its just so flattering. And 2. the pinstripes!!! I'm sucker for seersucker! I find it to be the staple pattern for spring / summer. I can't go one summer without stocking up on my seersucker. I love it in any color, any silhouette, any style! Its just so adorable!

As far as this denim jacket goes, I'm sure you've seen it before (like here) I can't express to you enough how much I love this jacket. Its super comfortable and it matches pretty much anything I have in my wardrobe. The color is light so it works great for spring. I like to roll the sleeves up, it just adds more of a relaxed feel to the ensemble. If you wanted it to look a little more "professional" then just unroll the sleeves and maybe button it once in the center.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week and hope Friday comes quickly for you!



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