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Finally SPRING!

Ahh finally Spring has hit Rochester! I've been eagerly waiting for the sun to stroll in and the temps to rise over 40 degrees! It was one of the prettiest weekends we've had in a very long time. The temps remained in the high 50's and 60's for us all weekend which gave Chris and me a ton of time to be outside. We took our little dog for his first mini-hike in the park and saw the beautiful sky line of the city. To see the city line in person was so breath taking, the pictures below don't do it justice. I do have to admit, I never really appreciated the "City" of Rochester since I've always kind of seen it as a dyeing city...Until I saw this!

Anyways, with the temps warming up and the flowers starting to blossom all around us, I had to break out some of my beloved spring wardrobe that's been hiding away all winter long. As I mentioned in last weeks post, pastels are in full swing this season. I'm absolutely loving the sweetness to the lighter colors. I get so excited when a new season rolls in with a new palette. Full disclosure, I've been non-stop online shopping this season! The trends and the styles are ahh-mazing!! They are so feminine and elegant. Spring 2018 trends definitely are everything I typically lean for when shopping.

With that being said, I will admit this weeks outfit isn't something I would typically pick out. This crop top was sooo cute, I couldn't resist. I fell in instant love with the sweet baby-girl pink with the larger polka-dots. I have no shame in admitting that about 75% of my wardrobe is button-down blouses in all different shades and patterns. When I saw this top in the store, I knew it was one of those pieces I couldn't live without. Though it was a crop-top, I did hesitate to purchase it since I don't usually wear those, but I said what the heck, try it and see what happens.

Although crop-tops aren't my favorite trend, high-waisted pants are one of my faves! Which works out perfectly for me since I can pair them both together and feel confident! My thought was to pair this cute little crop-top with these medium wash, high-waisted jeans and loved it! If you are anything like me and shy away from the crop top trend, then simply add a high-waisted pant or skirt and you'll be good. Be sure to buy a skirt or pant that comes up to about your belly-button, which is the center of your torso.

Now that spring is in full-effect for us, I had to break out my nude peep-toe shoes. Its funny, every spring / summer I buy a nude sandal with a small heel and wear them all season long. Then the next year comes and I get so scared to look at them from being so worn out from the previous season. Nude sandals are the best investment. you can make for your S / S wardrobe. Get a pair of really cute, comfortable nude peep-toe shoes, that way in the midst of all the fun activities you'll be hosting or invited to, you won't have to stress over your shoes. Nude goes with everything! There isn't a color or style that won't work a shoe that is the same color as your skin tone. I probably have like 4 or 5 different pairs that I keep on hand at all times!