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Dancing Dots

Anyone else absolutely sick of winter? I am so ready for Spring to finally happen. I've so been looking forward to coming home and cooking on the grill while Griff runs around the back yard. I know it will eventually happen, but with all the snow we have been getting lately I feel like spring will never happen! Every time I see the sun pop through the clouds, I automatically start to daydream about the warm weather and all the fun things to do outside, then I step out and I'm like, Ah that was a dream?! Well this weekend we decided, despite the bitter cold, we wanted to stroll along the falls Downtown. It was so serene to see the beautiful falls and hear the sound of the rushing water. What is it about water that is so charming and calming?

I thought these polka-dot pants were so fun! The black with the tan dots are subtle enough to wear to work without being too dramatic. And fun enough to style up for a night out on the town. I chose to go with a more simple white top so that I wouldn't take away from the super fun pants. The pockets on the chest and the corset lace-up detail adds a little more charm to the outfit. The classic white shirt makes this outfit perfect for the office. It adds a little glamour from the bodice and chill from the collar.

The pants send a lively vibe while the shirt cools the ensemble down. I thought the red pointed toe shoes would be a perfect accessory for this outfit. They aren't a super bold red, so they add a little detail without being too overpowering. Its very important when wearing super wide leg pants to wear pointed toe shoes. The reason being, pointed-toe shoes add depth to your leg; makes them appear longer and slimmer.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! May the sun be shining and the temps heat up for you!



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