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C'est La Vie

Visiting France has always been a huge dream of mine. I took years of french in school and even had a french exchange student live with me for 2 weeks. It was so exciting to have someone from France stay with me. Speaking the language (even though my speaking was very much broken), and living a different lifestyle for a short period of time really teaches you so much. I just love how french people know exactly how to dress, not overly dressy but just casual enough. Everyone seems so laid back with a 'go-with-the-flow' kind of attitude in France.

Right now, we are currently planning our first trip to France. We have so much we want to see and do while we are there, its so hard to narrow down what exactly we are going to be doing. All I have to say, is we will probably need a vacation from this vacation haha! I'll keep you guys posted on the process of where we are looking of staying and what we will be seeing while we are there. If you have any idea's or recommendations for us, I'd love to hear from you!

Since we are planning our trip to the fashion capital of the world, I had to dress the part! After reading several articles on 'how to dress like a Parisian' and following French-Bloggers, I stumbled upon this adorable tee-shirt. I'm not typically one for tee-shirts, as I usually opt for more of a dressier style, but when I saw this shirt, I fell in love. I started planning all the outfits that I could do for when we are in France. I adore the tassel details and the feminine font. Although its just a t-shirt, this is one of those pieces you can dress up or dress down. By adding a blazer over the shirt, tucked into trousers with a pair of patent-leather pumps and neutral lip, this would be great for a business meeting. Or, like I did, a pair of jeans, bright colored shoes and bright makeup, makes for a fun night out look. Take it one step further, add a little beret and you've got yourself a very Parisian outfit ;)

I thought these jeans would be a great accessory to the shirt by taking the cutsey-ness from the shirt and making it slightly edgy with the paint splatters. They add just enough "grunge" to the outfit to take it from being a typical, upscale Parisian outfit, to more of laid-back look. The rolled hem adds more of a casual feel and dresses the outfit down.