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Date Night

This past weekend, Chris and I went to one of my favorite places to go to in Rochester. Its a little wine bar in Cornhill. We stumbled upon this place late last winter and I have been dyeing to go back ever since. When you walk in, the first thing you notice is the wall covered in shelves of wine with a fun rolling ladder (like the one in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!). The women who owns the place is always behind the bar, conversing with everyone. She is a wealth of knowledge for wine connoisseurs. The wine bar is famous for their flights of wine. They have so many varieties from all over the world. I like to try new wines each tine we go and they never disappoint.

Cornhill is a very hip part of town. They have some of the sleekest bars and unique vibes. Its right on the river (as you can see) and just a really fun part of town. Given that we were going out late Saturday night, I thought this would be a fun, sexy and kind of edgy look. The bodysuit is super conservative in the front with the high neck and full sleeve. Then, when I turn around my entire back is exposed with little pops of lace. The pearls on these jeans were the perfect match of drama and class to pull the whole outfit together.