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A Sunday Stroll in the Park

Welcoming March with a nice winter storm! It was so nice at the beginning of last week, the temps were in the high 50's and low 60's. It gave me a serious itch for Spring! But I guess we will just have to keep waiting for Rochester to get a little warmer. I can't complain too much though, I do love snow and winter. Its just so magical with all the glistening flakes falling and everything all covered. Something about snow is super romantic to me. I absolutely love when the sun is just about to go down, the sky is kind of a purple-y color and all the street lights are just about turning on and large, white snowflakes falling for the sky, dancing on your eye-lashes. Its such a sight to see, usually when this happens, I get uber quiet and just sit there staring at the sky.

With the winter storm landing late last week and dumping a good 14 inches of snow on the ground for us, I thought it would be super fun to trollop through the snow downtown. It had been a pretty busy weekend for us, so I thought it would be fun to go downtown and just see Rochester covered in snow. I've seen it all before, but there's nothing quite like walking through the city on a sunny Sunday afternoon for no reason at all. It gives the city a whole new perspective. We found this cool WWII statue that I never knew existed. We just stumbled upon it while we were on our adventure. We were originally going downtown to see the falls all iced over, but there was an event going on so we couldn't find parking. And I am actually quite thankful we couldn't find parking or else we would never have found this little beacon of greatness.

Since my winter closet isn't going anywhere fast, what better way to celebrate this winter storm than with a little faux-fur?! This faux-fur trim poncho has been my go-to this winter. It is so warm and cozy, and pretty much matches anything. I love it so much! The white wool keeps my body and arms warmer than any jacket I have hanging in my closet. I absolutely adore how sophisticated this poncho takes any outfit. Its easy to pair with jeans (as I did in these photos), or even dress it up more with a LBD and pumps for a date-night. I kept this outfit rather simple, a black L/S tee for comfortability and my fave pair of jeans with these great boots to match the fur in the poncho. Since it was just a casual Sunday stroll, I didn't go too crazy.

I hope you all stay super warm and have a successful week!



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