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Coffee till Cocktails

Coffee is the bloodline for me from morning to the afternoon. I can't get started until I've had my coffee. Anyone else feel this way? That first sip is always the most satisfying. I love the scent of fresh coffee first thing in the morning. I have my coffee machine at home on auto, so as soon as I walk down the stairs, the scent of coffee swirls through the house and wakes me right up.

That's why, when I saw this sweater, I had to have it. Coffee in the morning, cocktails at night, no sweater could have said it better?! haha. Coffee to wake up and get things moving to make for a successful day and a cocktail or two at night to unwind and relax. This sweater is by far the coziest sweater I have hanging in my closet. It is so incredibly warm and soft. I do have to admit, this sweater has become my new go-to for the weekends when I am just chilling at home or out with friends. But it also is a perfect, slightly-oversized sweater that could go great with a button-up underneath or a longer shirt to make it more professional.

This first outfit explains the "Coffee" part of the sweater. A little more conservative with a touch of class. Its perfect for wearing to meetings, with a little collar popping out and a skirt. I love how the black skirt picks up the bow detail in the collar. It makes the sweater seem a little more subdued and upscale. Being that the sweater is a little oversized (even though its an extra small) it doesn't really work for pants, when trying to go more for a professional look. Adding a simple pump like these ties the whole outfit together.

The second outfit has a bit more of a story line. Chris and I hosted a really fun craft beer tasting at our home this past weekend. He is much more of the beer drinker than I am, however I do like to sample new things and see what notes I can depict. Him and I found this unique craft beer shop not too far from our house so that is where we went to find new beers neither of us have tried before. We wandered up and down and up and down every single aisle, probably like three times each. There were so many different choices, we were a little in over our heads lol. We ended up getting 7 different kinds from all over. From Vancouver, to Boulder Co., to Maine and even a beer from the town we used to live in MA. I would have to say the beer tasting was a hit. Some people left with a few new favorites and some just enjoyed the opportunity to try all the new flavors. I didn't find a new favorite beer that I would buy regularly, however I did enjoy the coffee stout, its a bit of a heavier beer, but has that amazing java flavoring I love!

This sweater was perfect for the party! It has a much more laid-back feel to it when its untucked and loose fitted. I couldn't resist but where it since it made so much sense for the party. I simply paired it with my favorite boot-cut jeans and some high-heeled booties. The heeled booties made this outfit perfect by adding a bit more of an edge to the overall laid-back feel of the outfit. I personally love to tuck just a section of a sweater into my jeans, it adds a bit more of a flare to the ensemble. Also, it dresses the outfit up, rather than just having it out and baggy. Plus it shows off the adorable leopard print belt I was wearing.

All in all, I found a sweater that not only is super cozy but also says it perfectly for those 9to5 days!

Have a wonderful week!



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