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Be my Valentine <3

Ohh Valentine's Day! Just the thought brings a smile to my face. The sweet love notes, the heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates and the endless bouquets of flowers that flutter the streets all around us. I find that Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday to play around with. I never really take this holiday too seriously for the simple fact that it really is just a day to remind your S/O or gal-pals how much you love them!

I love to reflect on years past and think of all the fun memories. Back in middle school when we would bring little candies and notes for our classmates and have an hour to get buzzed on sugar. Or in high school when friends would send around the chorus team to serenade you in the middle of class. Or even now, I love to get up really early and make Chris breakfast in bed. Even though I can't make anything breakfastey (story for another time), I think its so sweet to wake up early on the day and make him a homemade breakfast and hand him a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Since today is V-day and I am still clueless to what we are doing, I thought I would share with you one of my outfit idea's for this romantic day. I thought this jumpsuit would be a perfect match for V-day, its nothing too crazy but still struts elegance. The front of this ensemble says I'm laid-back and the back screams feisty. I can admit this is my favorite piece in my closet at the moment. The reason being, it fits perfectly in all the right places. Its super hard to find a jumpsuit that fits just right; they either ride up a little in the front, or are a little too long or have some weird faux-pas going on in the back. But this suit doesn't! I found it a couple months ago for our house-warming party and fell in love. The website made it look like the back wasn't as exposed as it is, but I am not complaining. I love pieces that are conservative with a touch of edge. And this suit takes the cake for that. The front has the really classy look with the high neckline and cinched waist. Then you turn around and bah-bam! Your whole back is exposed, making the outfit just a tab bit sexy without being too much.

-I'm blushing over this sweet pink color (get it, a little fashion humor for ya!) Its a perfect V-Day color. Its not too pink but still gives that romantic touch.

-As for shoes, I really couldn't decide which shoe would go just right for the occasion and what would be a good fit for this jumpsuit. I chose these because the black makes the outfit just a bit more edgier. And well, it is Valentine's day, so why the heck not! The strappy heels are a perfect go-to for so many things; like jeans, a pencil skirt, skater-dresses and more.

-I added this lacey choker to the ensemble to match the shoes. Since the outfit screams sweetness from the soft-blush and the conservative front, I thought the choker would add a bit of a flirtier-vibe.

I hope you all have a very magical Valentine's Day! Make sure to give your Valentine, no matter who it is, an extra smooch!



Jumpsuit, Heels, Choker

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