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It has finally happened… the leaves have changed their colors in the most beautiful way. Usually, by this time of year, their are no leaves to be found left on our tree branches, but due to the odd temperatures Rochester has encountered this year, the leaves have taken a little longer to change. But now that they have, and I cannot help myself from leaf-peeping everywhere I go. I get a little nervous when I am driving because I get so distracted from looking at the trees haha (no one needs to worry, I am super careful) but I will say, I have pulled over several times just to stare at the beautiful nature.

Fall seems like it just hit for me because the cold weather has been so on-and-off that I haven’t been able to put away my summer belongings. However, after looking at the forecast for this week, I tackled those summer clothes this weekend, yay me! Now I am in full sweater-gear!

I just love sweater dresses, they are the best things ever! They go perfectly with high-socks and boots, or tights with pumps. However we style them, the best part of a sweater dress is that it’ll keep you warm during the chilly days and nights. My office is always an ice-cooler, so whenever I try to buy a cute dress or skirt, I always have to think to myself; how am I going to keep myself warm at work. This dress takes the cake! Its super-soft and thick enough that I don’t feel like I need to put on a couple layers under it to keep myself warm. I just adore the flutter sleeves, nothing beats an adorable sleeve! Its so feminine and it really dresses this dress up. I must not forget to narrow-in on the heather detail in this dress. Is anyone else obsessed with heather detailing? I think it is such a simple detail that makes an outfit look totally different.