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Naughty or Nice

The holiday’s are upon us! This is by far, my favorite time of that year. I love all the different colored lights and decorations. Its so fun driving down the streets and seeing what people are putting on their lawns and what kind of lights they are stringing. I’ve always believed the color choices you put on your house for the holidays, say something about your personality. But that is probably just me, since I am totally crazy about the holiday season.

It is the first time we will be in our home for the holidays. Therefore, I have been driving Chris crazy with all the ideas I have for around the house and outside. He strongly believes, no christmas until after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, I am jamming out to christmas songs in my car and wandering over to the christmas section in every store we enter! Haha

With the holiday’s around the corner, have you started to think about what you will be wearing to your holiday gatherings? I always freak out about what to wear for every holiday, especially Christmas. Since this is the busy season for any retail company, we must be thinking of our outfits weeks, even months before the holidays to make sure your stuff is delivered on time. Wouldn’t it just be the worst if you ordered the most magical dress, perfect for you work holiday party, and the outfit shows up the week after the party? Not speaking from experience or anything, hehe!

With that being said, I have spent a lot of time trying to decipher what I want to wear for the holidays. We always have to be practical up here in Rochester, you never know what the weather will be like. Two christmas’ ago, it was 65 degrees on Christmas Eve and last year it was below zero! My go-to for looking dapper at the holidays but also being practical is a unique sleeve. Whatever kind of sleeve it might be, it adds warmth to your outfit but also adds just a little something extra. So, for the weeks leading up to this amazing time of year – I will be giving you some ideas of how to style an outfit for any kind of holiday soiree. If you have a certain kind of party you want me to style for, comment below and I will try my best to make an outfit geared towards that for you!

This outfit here, is perfect for cocktail style holiday party. I adore black, white and pops of maroon. Nothing says the holidays like a deep red, in my opinion! The lacey skirt gives that sexy, cocktail vibe to it. While the peter-pan collar shirt makes the outfit a bit more sophisticated and reserved. The knee-high boots are my all-time fave boots! Not only is the color perfect for this season, but the tiny block heel gives a little height, without making your feet swell up by the end of the evening. Not the mention, the over-the-knee boots makes the outfit appear to be more flirtatious!



Skirt, Old Ann Taylor Shirt – Similar Here, Boots

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