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Falling leaves on Park Ave.

Walking down the street and hearing the leaves crunch beneath your feet is one of the most calming noises, to me. Last week, we celebrated the first day of fall, and I am so excited. Though it feels like we are finally getting our summer here, the colors are changing all around us. Ever heard of leaf peeping? I hadn’t ever heard of the term until we moved to Boston and tons of people would travel from the south to the North-East to see all the leaves changing colors. I guess it was something I always took advantage of as a kid. Now, I can truly appreciate it, I love seeing the colors change and the scent in the air change.

Envelope bags are literally the creme-de la-creme! There has not been one envelope bag I didn’t like. They make any outfit ten times more stylish. Whenever I see someone carrying an envelope bag, I always envy their outfit. I just adore the unique zipper detail around the edge and the brushed grey suede fabric. It matches perfectly with my booties. Also, I can’t say enough about the amount of space this bag holds. It certainly doesn’t look like it could fit much, but I was over joyed when I just kept cramming stuff in there and having more than enough room!

I saw these booties a coupe weeks ago, when I was doing a quick Target run and of course left with way more than I needed ha. It was a love-at-first-site reaction with these babies! I absolutely love the details. I don’t have a close up of the booties on this post, but I will be sure to take one soon. They have an amazing buckle and zipper detail with a brushed leather look. The high ankle and peep-toe makes it these booties appear edgy. I don’t have a single pair of booties like these, so I just had to have them. They work perfectly with so many outfits. And to make them even better, they are so COMFORTABLE! I can wear them for hours and hours and not be sore. We walked all around Park Ave. this weekend and I did not complain once about my feet (lol)

How do you all feel about chokers? When I first heard they were coming back, I was like “ugh, so 90’s”…. Now, I have an ever-growing collection of them! I love how they just compliment your neck and takes your outfit just one step further. This choker is so sexy, the lace detail with the faux suede bow literally does any outfit wonders for me.

I love seeing all the fall colors appear around us and watching the leaves fall on the ground. Nothing beats the fresh crisp breath of air first thing in the morning that just makes fall the best season. The leaves are falling all around us and I am loving every moment of it. Anyways, I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!



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