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Frolicking Fashionably

There is nothing quite like waking up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to catch all the fresh produce at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Rochester. This is a long time memory of mine, that even as a kid, it was so much fun waking up super early to watch the farmer’s rush their produce off their trucks onto their stands. I try to eat super healthy foods and the farmer’s market has the best selection of farm fresh produce. What’s even better (small town joys) is the actual farmers are the ones standing behind the tables selling you the produce. They are the best resource for questions on growing your own produce, recipes and much more.

Every girl needs a few things for her “staple” closet, as I have mentioned before. Their is nothing like the perfect tee-shirt, as I am still searching for the “perfect” tee-shirt that can stand anytime, I am loving the v-necks from Target. They usually are doing some kind of sale on their neutral pieces which makes it even easier to keep replacing those white t’s (as we all know, they can only stay crisp white until the first wash haha). This tee-shirt is super comfortable and I love the neckline. I feel like even though labels read “v-neck” on the tag, its not really a v-neck and this tee-shirt really is a true ‘V’.

Last but certainly not least, the best wedges of all time. I have had these wedges for a couple of summers now and they are the best! I can wear them all day long without my feet being sore. When I am having one of those days when I just want to be comfortable yet fashionable, these shoes are always my go-to, unless its winter. The buckle detail up the feet onto the ankle is super cute. I love the subtle details, adds a little edge but also keeps it classy. I highly recommend finding a pair of wedges that are comfortable, you will be so happy all summer long!

I am a true lover of anything art, hence why I went to art school, but that is beside the point haha. This is piece below is so unique with the bright colors and intricate design. And it matched my outfit perfectly haha! Isn’t it just beautiful?

Let me know what your favorite memories were as a kid that you can still appreciate now as an adult too!



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