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Fall In Bloom

Fashion is all about expressing yourself through your particular style. First impressions are everything and the way you dress yourself is always the first thing people notice about you. That’s why I love fashion so much. Everyone has their unique language, but right off the bat, you can’t tell much about a person. However, the way they dress or put themselves together says a lot about their personality. Just think, when you walk into a big business meeting, what do you think of their style? When you are walking down the street, what do you see? What enters your mind? What do you think other people think of you before you formally meet? It doesn’t seem all that important until you put something like that into perspective.

I have a very bubbly personality so when it comes to my style (in case it hasn’t been made quite obvious) is very outgoing. I love bright colors and trying new things. I try to create ensembles that speak many different languages. I think it is super funny when people get uncomfortable when they feel like they are over dressed. I used to be that person, and sometimes I get self-conscious when I’m overly dressed, however it makes me feel almost empowered when I’m over dressed. As Coco Chanel once said “you can be over dressed but not over elegant”. I don’t see anything wrong with having a sense of style, whether people look at you funny or not, only worry about what makes you feel confident. Fashion follows confidence. The more confident you are in your own skin and style, the better you will feel (and look!)


One of my absolute favorite things to try when it comes to fashion is clashing different fabrics and patterns. Their is something about the way two fabrics or patterns are complete opposites that just makes the outfit seem chic. That is exactly what I did here with this outfit. The denim contrasts with the vibrant lace just perfectly. Denim is everywhere right now! It almost seems like you can’t avoid denim no matter where you go. But I have to admit I love it! Jean jackets were the thing when I was younger and now here they are again, it makes me so happy! Jean jackets are the easiest staple to have in your closet. Like jeans, denim jackets go with everything. They bring any outfit down just a little to make it a little more casual. I love how the jean jacket here makes the lacy skirt less formal.

I am in total awe with this skirt! The vibrancy of the green is like no other color. Its super unusual to find such vibrant colors in lace! I also am in love with the angle at the bottom of this skirt. Asymmetrical hems are so flattering for any shape. This skirt is definitely one of those pieces that when I saw it, I was a little apprehensive to purchasing because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find things to go with it. Then it hit me like a brick, the denim jacket would be the perfect fit to offset the color. With the color being so bright, you can’t really wear any other colors except neutrals with it. So I opted for a crisp white, semi-casual blouse with the light-washed denim jacket.

Now, as far as shoes go, that had to be the hardest decision for this outfit. I literally was staring at my closet, clueless as to what shoes would match this skirt. Originally I thought nude pumps would be perfect, then I thought it would be too boring to match a skirt of this nature. Probably tried on fifteen different pairs of shoes before I finally decided on these adorable striped pumps. Whats so cool about these shoes, is the stripes are actually chambray blue and white. Love the nautical aesthetic they sport and just adore how they tie in perfectly with the denim jacket. Again, lace and stripes are a huge clash that just complete one another.