Spring time


Life gets busy in the spring, here are a few quick tips to help you get through it!

The latest fashion tips & tricks for the savvy shopper

Get to know the brains behind Classy 'N' Sassy

A cluster of a few of my favorite sweet-tooth recipes

Okay, I just had the realization that it is already December! How did this happen?? Since our trip happened during the week of Thanksgiving, I think my brain is all confused cause it isn't on the right time frame.  However, with it being the 6th already, you must all b...

Okay, okay, is it too early to be drinkning eggnog or do you think of eggnog as a festive holiday drink for both Thanksgiving and Christmas?  To me, as soon as I see it on the shelves in the grocery store, I am all about it!  I love eggnog, but because it is such a hea...

Seeming that it is Black Friday and Cyber weekend, I thought I would help guide you through the gift-shopping experience! I know how difficult it gets each year trying to come up with the best ideas to get your best people. Trust me, I am racking my brain over here try...

Happy Turkey Day my dear friends! I hope you all are gathered around the tv watching the Thanksgiving day parade, with aromas of scrumptious turkey baking (or frying) away, and the bustling noise of family and friends gathering around!  This year, we decided to do some...

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