Spring time


Life gets busy in the spring, here are a few quick tips to help you get through it!

The latest fashion tips & tricks for the savvy shopper

Get to know the brains behind Classy 'N' Sassy

A cluster of a few of my favorite sweet-tooth recipes

So here’s the thing… I’ve been blogging for a short while now and I still feel like I’m treading water. I kept seeing all these people appear on Instagram / blogging platforms and a few days later they have thousands of followers. I got to thinking, what are they doing...

Since the temps seem to remain cooler and aren't warming up as quickly as we all hoped; all I want to do is lounge in my coziest sweater and never leave the couch. All in favor, raise your hand?! Tis the season to cozy up by the bonfire and stay snuggly warm. With this...

Have you all noticed the Spring trend for 2020 is channeling the 90's?? At first, I hated the idea...bomber jackets, mom jeans and the power-suit... Until I started looking around and saw how cute some of the stuff is...

     A. I'm a huge fan of suits - not the ones wo...

Hiya Guys!

It's been a while...hasn't it? I took a little hiatus for a short time since I had so many moving particals happening in my life at that time and the blog just became more of a chore than something I wanted to do...however, things have slowed down (somewhat)...

Over time, our style changes, it matures and becomes an essence of who we are. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how my style has changed over the past few years. I’ve become more bold with my print and colors, and the silhouettes I choose have become more unique....

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